If you thought Tavi Genvinson was the youngest fashionista to take the web by storm, meet Mayhem. The four-year-old from Ohio shot to sartorial stardom back in February when her mom Angie began posting photos of her on Instagram in paper dresses she and Mayhem created. You can toss out any art expectations you might have of a four-year-old’s vision, these looks were often replicated from red carpet or Project Runway and are executed flawlessly.


Aside from racking up over 400,000 followers on her and her mom’s account and getting invited to Fashion Week, Mayhem also recently snagged a pre-Met Gala partnership with Vogue where she re-created a few iconic gowns from the extravaganza, including Sarah Jessica Parker’s tartan, Rihanna’s futuristic tuxedo and J Lo’s textured red gown. Now Mayhem has a new gig up her sleeve (aside from preschool): a collaboration with J.Crew.


With Crewcuts to be precise, J.Crew’s girl’s clothing line. Jenna Lyons sent an email to Angie back in spring asking if Mayhem would be interested in collaborating on a line. After she picked her jaw up from the ground (we’d freak too if we got a personal email from Ms. Lyons), they went to New York to get to work.


If you’re feeling a little bit doubtful that the collection was actually designed by a kid whose friends are still taking naps and playing with legos, Mayhem’s mom lays out exactly how it went down: “Mayhem and her new crew (Jenna Lyons and Crewcut designer Jenny Cooper) all sat down on the floor and played. And made stuff. Out of paper and tape and beads and glue and crayons. And they laughed and hugged and had more fun than I would have imagined. And then they sprinkled their magic J.Crew fairydust on it and turned paper into fabric. And when it was time to go, Mayhem cried. Because she didn’t want to leave.” We would too Mayhem, we would too.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.53.52 PM

The nine-piece capsule collection will be released in spring of 2015 and will start at $22.50. While no final product shots have been released yet, we do know there will be plenty of jewels, pom-poms and tassels. No complaining from us. We only have one question: Can we get it in our size?

What’s your favorite paper dress look Mayhem has created? Share a link with us in the comments below.

(h/t Harper’s Bazaar images via J.Crew and @2sisters_angie)