We admit it: Mickey D’s is our fast food guilty pleasure, even though seeing what 2,000 calories looks like at the restaurant (yes, an ENTIRE day’s worth of calories) is pretty terrifying. To answer to Americans’ growing interest in healthy eating, McDonald’s has been playing with fancy new food items, from gourmet breakfasts to sweet potato fries. And now, the fast food giant is testing out some even healthier new menu items, and they sound undeniably tasty.

mcdonalds burger

CNN reports that Southern California locations are testing out some new low-calorie breakfast items, including Greek yogurt, kale and egg whites. Perhaps the most serious change, though, is a new ingredient that’s been tested in Dallas since November, with little fanfare (though we think it deserves it!): fresh beef.

Typical burger patties are made into ground beef and then flash frozen, before being thawed out and used around two to three weeks later. But in 14 Dallas franchises, the quarter pounder with cheese, the double quarter pounder with cheese, the bacon clubhouse and the homestyle burger (unique to the Dallas-Fort Worth area) are using fresh, non flash-frozen beef.

McDonald’s spokesperson Lisa McComb told CNN that the company hasn’t decided yet if fresh beef will become permanent or even move outside the area for testing. But it’s clear that McDonald’s higher-ups know that if they want to stay competitive in a post-Super Size Me world, where cold-pressed juice sells for $10, they’ll have to move toward healthier options. Fresh beef is a GREAT start. Now, who’s in for a Texas road trip to taste-test Mickey D’s newest experiment for ourselves?

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