Real talk: health care is complicated. Whether you’re an adulting pro or someone who just got booted off their parent’s policy, it’s not only a confusing system, but often an inconvenient one. What doctor is best for what you need? Does that weird rash really warrant a half day trip to the doc? Isn’t there some sort of service that can provide a less traumatizing experience than WebMD? Actually, yes. Enter Maven, the virtual healthcare solution designed specifically for millennial women.

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Simply put: Maven is a 21-century take on telemedicine. It’s an online platform that’s not necessarily a replacement for a trip to the doctor, but a solid middle (wo)man between those terrifying 2AM moments when you decide to Google your symptoms and the times when visit to the doctor’s office is really necessary. Dealing in everything from mental health to maternity leave, Maven uses video appointments, messaging, phone calls and a doctor-moderated public forum to finally make health care convenient.

Maven’s founder Katherine Ryder tells us, ““The big thing we’re trying to do is give women better access to health care on their terms. You can do this from your office, from your house, from your car and ultimately be able to navigate the healthcare system in a way that’s a lot more convenient, affordable and trustworthy.”

Depending on your needs there are three service options to choose from: Maven, Maven Campus and Maven Maternity. Maven is the standard go-to for new users – a pay-as-you-go service for anyone who signs up. Maven Campus is a subscription-based service for college students and recent grads that launched about a month ago that offers students who might not have or are far away from their covered care unlimited messages and appointments for whatever they might need. And Maven Maternity, which is currently only offered at an enterprise-level, offers new moms and moms-to-be additional services to make the life-changing transition a little easier. Katherine says the postpartum service they offer is one area where she’s received a handful of messages from users saying it changed their lives.

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Setting up an appointment on Maven can really be a five-minute process. Set up an account, choose what kind of care you’re looking for + which doctor you like best, fill out a medical history report and see a doctor in a matter of minutes. If you’re in need of a prescription (for ex. birth control or UTI medication) you can choose a pharmacy near you and it’ll be there within the hour. As far as coverage goes, the prescription is covered by your insurance and the co-pay is what’s listed on Maven’s site. Prices vary depending on what kind of care you need, $25 for a doctor, $18 to talk to a nurse practitioner and $70 for a mental health session.

Speaking of mental health, that’s a facet of the clinic that’s had a great response and an area that could actually replace a traditional trip to the doc. The process is already relatively easy but to make picking the right therapist even more of a painless process, Maven runs a reoccurring campaign they call “therapist speed dating” where you can see mental health providers in 10-minute increments. And when you not only take away the inconvenience of seeking out a mental health care provider but also allow women to start the often scary process from the comfort of their own home, that’s a pretty straightforward success recipe for a more educated and healthy generation.

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