There’s no shortage of ways to braid your hair — we can think of at least 100 off the top of our heads. There’s one style in particular that seems to be blowing up our Instagram feeds as of late, however: corset braids.

We first told you about the trend back in March of last year, after the corset braid first made its debut at Vancouver Fashion Week last season. Models walking in Toronto-based designer Lesley Hampton’s show hit the runway with thick, see-through ribbons weaved in between two large braids. Now, as the search for ultimate festival hair picks up speed, the look is being adopted by thousands of devoted followers across the country, like the awesome creation from @ray.voltage above: Check out more evidence below.

1. The OG Corset: The ‘do that sparked it all, this work of art added an eye-catching pop of blue to the model’s flaxen locks.

2. Pretty in Pink: This girl went for bold with an oversized fuschia bow instead.

3. Glitter Effect: This braider went for understated, using a smaller ribbon and tucking it into a pony, with some sparkle for added affect.

4. Pop of Purple:@hotonbeauty used the trend to add a new hue to her already colorful mix of blue and turquoise locks.

5. Side Track: This Instagrammer experimented with the look, taking her black “corset” to the side as opposed to down her back.

6. How It’s Done: Like what you see? You’re in luck, as Toronto-based hair artist Ariba Pervaiz is showing us how to get the look by making two skinny Dutch plaits, then threading a crisscross pattern through the two braids (as if you were lacing up a pair of sneakers). The thickness, material (satin, leather, lace — you name it) and color of your string can help make your creation super unique, so the sky’s the limit. Pervaiz offers this pro tip: “If the string is thick, you can easily weave it through the corn rows. For finer strings, tie each end to a bobby pin and use the pin to push the string through the braid!”

Huh! Not nearly as tough as it looks. Looks like we may have just found our new go-to summer look!

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(h/t POPSUGAR; photo via @ray.voltage/@mastersofbraids)