Twitter, Pinterest, Buzzfeed. I don’t know about you, but my focus is completely fragmented these days. I should really add professional multi-tasker to my business card, but the constant switching between tasks is getting me down. Thankfully, this new Kickstarter project is about to change that. Meet Melon, your new favorite high-tech accessory.

Using the same technology that you might find in a neurologists office, the Melon headband employs EEG (electroencephalography) to figure out what exactly is going on inside your head. By measuring brain activity during your daily routine, Melon gives a snapshot of how focused you are during each daily task. (I’m betting I’m more focused during yoga than while driving home from work.) That’s all well and good, but what makes Melon really unique is that it pushes that data to an app that translates it into something you can actually use.

Before you start a new activity tell the Melon app what you’re doing (for example, reading and listening to music) so it can track how well you focus while reading over time. You might just find out that listening to classical music doesn’t help you focus nearly as well as listening to mellow indie music does.

And now the best part: the games. To help you consciously improve your focus Melon has an origami folding game. The more you focus (as measured by the EEG sensors) the faster the origami crane folds on screen.

You can back Melon on Kickstarter here for $99 per headband, and start tracking how on track you are when the first headbands ship in November.

What do you think of Melon? Weird? Awesome? Not sure how it actually works? Talk to us in the comments below.