Alright, people. It’s time to pull out all the stops for your gift wrapping endeavors. We’ve been pre-gaming for quite a while, and now it’s the moment of truth. Plain wrapping paper with a drug-store-bought bow isn’t going to cut it this (Christmas)time around, so we’re here with the goods to take your holiday cards and wrapping game up a notch. We’re talking pun-tastic greeting cards, handprinted tags, artisan-made wrapping paper and even light-up accessories — all from the B+C Shop. Let’s get to it!

1. And None for Gretchen Weiners Card ($6): Your favorite millennial will think this card is so, so grool.

2. Ugly Christmas Sweater Card ($5): It’s tacky time! What a great card to pair with our Bow & Drape Brit Kit Collab :)

3. Dizzy Dreidel Hanukkah ($5): [Insert caption about Dead or Alive and/or Flo Rida celebrating Hanukkah here]

4. Ya Filthy Animal Card ($6): You know that friend of yours that quotes movies all the time? Yeah, this card is for him.

5. Christmas Ornament Stamp Set ($13): We plan to stamp any and all surfaces with this adorable Yellow Owl Workshop set.

6. Pop-Out Ornament Card – Set of 6 ($24): These laser-cut Christmas trees could be gift toppers, ornaments, or even additions to your holiday cards. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

7. Goodbye Self-Control Card ($5): Admit it, we’ve all been there. That’s what New Year’s resolutions are for, anyway.

8. Rustic Envelope Gift Stickers ($3): Add a final thoughtful touch to your holiday cards with these darling stickers.

9. Let’s Get Tipsy Gift Tag – Set of 6 ($12): We can’t think of a better gift tag to pair with a bottle of booze :)

10. Flock of Trees Card ($16): If you’re familiar with our love affair with triangles, then you know this one is right up our alley.

11. Rifle Paper Co. Wrap Set – 3 Sheets + 10 Tags ($16): Gift wrap doesn’t get much more gorgeous than this. Helloooo, beautiful.

12. Handmade Stamp Activity Kit ($20): Going DIY with your gifts this year? Seal each present with this stamp to let your giftees know it has a personal touch.

13. Holiday Set – 10 Sheets ($20): Are you sick of having all your presents wrapped with the same paper? Try out Wrapped’s holiday set, which comes with 10 bold and festive patterns.

14. Mustache Gift Wrap ($20): Movember may be over, but our love of mustaches lives on with this paper. (Pssst: You should probably make some ‘stache-shaped gift tags with this wrap, too.)

15. All I Want for Christmas is You Card ($5): ;) ;) ;) ;)

16. VW Holiday Bus Card ($5): Top any present with this cutie pie of a card and you’ll be ready to roll.

17. 2015 Gift Wrap Calendar ($49): This Linda + Harriett calendar is designed to be used as wrapping paper when each month is done. What a cool idea!

18. Cheers + Clink Stamp Gift Tag Kit ($30): Seriously, give us ALL the stamps. We’d especially like ones in cute fonts like these, please!

19. Light It Up Menorah Card ($5): You said it, gurl. Happy Hanukkah!

20. Holiday Wrapping Paper – 3 Sheets ($10): Keep your presents cheerful with this delightful wrapping paper. We love how it looks with a duo of black and white ribbon.

21. Light Up Gift Bow ($3): Need to add pizzazz to your gift wrap? This battery-operated bow will definitely get your giftee’s attention!

22. Holiday Deer Card ($5): Forest creatures + scarves = cuteness overload.

23. Bust a Holiday Groove Card ($5): What’s better than illustrations of smiling ornaments? Uh, illustrations of smiling dancing ornaments, duh…

24. Christmas Tree Gift Stamp Set ($13): Stamps, stamps and more stamps! How about using these on paper (or fabric!) to make your own gift wrap?

25. Wood Multi Holiday Card Set (Exclusive) ($24): Want to try something a little different this year? Try cards made of wood! Pick up this exclusive collection of Arrow Creative Co. cards in the B+C Shop. (You can also check out solo cards here.)

26. Warm Wishes Card ($5): Send an extra-cozy season’s greeting with this charming print.

27. Large Doily Lace Gift Tags ($5): Add a delicate pattern to your presents with these sweet rustic tags.

28. Light It Up Christmas Tree Card ($5): We’re just as crazy about this Christmas-y sister to the Light It Up Menorah Card above.

29. Tandem Bike Gift Wrap ($20): What a sweet print of a bike built for two :)

30. Merry + Bright Holiday Gift Tag Kit ($28): All you need to DIY your gift wrap and tags are these adorable stamps. We’re in.

31. Put a Bow On It Present Topper ($12): Yes! A brand new type of reusable topper! Acrylic bows FTW.

32. F Yeah Christmas Card ($5): We very much agree.

33. Ugly Sweater FML Penguin Card ($5): Um, we’re dying over this one. Come on, nothing beats a cranky penguin.

34. Gingerbread Mint Stamp Set ($13): We can’t think of a cuter way to decorate a bag of homemade cookies!

35. Gift Kraft Tags – Set of 25 ($5): Keep it classic with these card stock staples.

36. Garland Paper Dots ($18): Alright, listen up: This garland is the secret to many successful DIYs here at Brit + C0. We’ve wrapped gifts, vases, planters and much, much more with these magical paper dots, and we’re STILL not tired of them. We suggest that you pick them up in lots and lots of colors.

37. Holly Jolly Cards – Set of 8 ($23): It’s like a fortune cookie in Christmas card form! This set comes with eight beautiful cards and 10 interchangeable letterpress greetings. So smart!

38. Ho Ho Ho Donuts Card ($5): Literally.

39. Black Wrapping Paper Set – 10 Sheets ($20): Get monochromatic with this set of 10 wrapping papers. Fun fact: Each print comes from a handmade painting!

40. Triangular Tree Letterpress Cards ($16): Have we mentioned that we LOVE triangles? Honey + Bloom must have gotten the memo!

41. Wine Wrap Papers ($10): Finally, a new way to gift wrap wine. We’ll definitely be stocking up on these papers.

42. Gift, Ornament + Star Holiday Stamps ($12): This set gets our stamp of approval ;)

43. Santa Stocking You? Card ($6): *He’s climbin’ in yo chimney, snatchin’ yo cookies up*

44. Foil Leather Stripes Gift Tag ($8): We’re digging the leather-like finish on these elegant gift tags. Good stuff, Ferme a Papier.

45. Merry Christmas Kraft Holiday Gift Tags ($5): Keep it classic AND classy with these lovely Paperlaced tags.

46. LovePop Sparkling Snowflake Card ($13): Time to go 3D! Next up: figuring out how to DIY this tricky number…

47. Alphabet Wooden Stamp Set ($18): Pick up this set (and its uppercase pal) and stamp ALL the words. (Pro Tip: This would also make a great gift!)

48. Metallic Arrow Gift Tag ($18): Want to add an unexpected moment to your gift wrap? Opt for this handcrafted clay tag.

49. Letterpress Gift Tags with Twine ($8): We’re big fans of all things Weekend Press, especially these awesome handprinted gift tags.

50. Half Eaten Gingerbread Cookie Card ($5): Give the gift of LOL this holiday season with yet another hilarious Julie Ann Art card.

51. Texture Set – 10 Sheets ($20): Three cheers for dude-approved gift wrap! This set comes with wood, brick and even cement prints.

52. My Dear Fellow Co. Assorted Christmas Cards – Set of 4 ($14): Take our advice and stock up on these wonderful cards: They will never go out of style.

53. Year of Holidays Carve a Stamp Kit ($30): Can’t get enough stamps? This kit comes with 36 templates to help you make stamps for all sorts of holidays.

54. Warm + Fuzzy Greeting Cards ($14): We love the bold graphics paired with rustic card stock in this Honey + Bloom set.

55. Owl I Want For Christmas Is Who Card ($10): And who, and who, and who, and who and whooooooo…. (Love Actually, anyone?)

56. Hanukkah Misspelled Card ($5): Third time’s the charm, right?

57. Holiday Gift Tags – Set of 10 ($9): Put the final touch on your perfectly wrapped present with these cuties.

58. Santa Knows Card ($5): You know what list we’re talking about!

59. Wrap Set – 6 Sheets + 10 Tags ($25): Don’t mind us, we’re just obsessing over Rifle Paper Co.’s wrapping paper over here. We want it ALL.

60. Evergreen Tree Note + Envelope Template ($20): We love a good 2-in-1! This brilliant wood ornament doubles as a foldable card template.

61. Holiday Hello Card ($5): There’s nothing like gilded typography done right. Excuse us while we swoon over here.

62. Baaaah Humbug Card ($10): It’s the most pun-derful time of the year ;)

63. Peace Card ($5): Did we mention we love gorgeous typography and all things gold??

64. LovePop Christmas Tree Card ($13): We always hope to give a card that someone will be excited to show off, and this one fits the bill.

65. Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Card ($5): Feelin’ flirty? Here’s one way to tell that special someone how you feel!

66. Chevron Stripes Gift Wrap ($20): Love all things chevron? We’ve got you (and your gifts) covered.

67. Colorful Set – 10 Sheets ($20): This set of 10 papers is sure to provide a vibrant pop of color under your tree.

68. Merry Christmas to You Card ($10): What?! This wood card comes with its very own kickstand. Brilliant.

69. Retro Gift Tags ($6): There’s no such thing as too many laser-cut gift tags, trust us.

70. Animal Wrapping Paper Set ($20): Here’s a new way to get your animal print fix this season.

71. Making Spirits Bright Stamp Set ($28): Make a plain wrap job pop with this festive stamp set by A Sensible Habit. Bonus: It comes with gift tags, two stamp pads and twine!

72. Eat Drink and Be Merry Card ($4): When it comes to holiday cards, this will always be a solid choice.

73. Blue Christmas Postcards – Set of 6 ($12): Let your long-distance besties know you’re missing them with these sweet Great Lakes postcards.

74. Cheers Card ($16): Cards you can use for Christmas, New Year’s AND birthdays? Yes, please.

75. Leather Stripes Gift Wrap ($5): You can never go wrong with black and white, especially when it’s paired with a leather-like finish. That’s some classy gift wrap!

76. Wrapped Gift – Nailed It Card ($5): For those of you who simply dread wrapping all those gifts, this card might say it all ;)

What wrapping supplies will you pick up this season? What are some other fun additions to your gift wrap? Share away in the comments below!