You know when you’re quickly throwing your hair up in a ponytail and accidentally leave a little outside the elastic, leaving it looking like a half-done pony? Well, it’s no longer a hair don’t — it’s a hair DO. Dubbed the “back knot” by celebrity hair stylist Giannandrea, who created the look for Nicholas K, and the “bunny tail” by Refinery29 , the ponybun — what we’re calling it — was seen a bunch at NYFW, and it’s no surprise why. This hairstyle is 1) 100% doable — like done-with-your-eyes-closed doable. 2) looks great messy OR sleek and 3) is a cool hybrid take on two traditional hairstyles. And while a handful of designers featured renditions of this ‘do on the runway, each version was super unique, which is another reason why this hairstyle rules: You can really make it your own and make it appropriate for any occasion.


There are several options when it comes to styling the ponybun. You can opt for a super sleek, straight style with your ends sticking up at attention, rock it with curly hair and totally embrace your texture and/or go for something in the middle with a slightly messy ponybun. Unless you’re going for the sleek version of this look, you should add some volume to your hair and and also throughout the pony — a texture spray or even something as lazy girl-approved as dry shampoo should do the trick. Unfortunately, you’ve gotta have long locks to rock this look unless you’re down for extensions (sorry, peeps with pixie cuts). If you have shoulder-length hair — like a trendy lob, for example — you can experiment with doing this for a half up/ half down style, which would look rad. If you want to do that, just gather half of your hair on the top of your head instead of all of your hair. Voila! You’re an instant cool girl.

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(Photo via @fashionblypetit)