As much as we love DIY-ing our own nail art for special occasions, we rarely whip out the striping tape and nail dotter on the daily (unless we’re trying to stealthily cover up that — oops — brand-new chip in our freshly painted manis). That’s why the lazy girls in us flipped when we laid our eyes on this: a midi ring that actually looks like beautifully gilded nail art.


The game-changing beaut in question — an adjustable, tiered bronze ring with a raised double halo at one end (that’s the end meant to crown your nail bed) — was born out of good old-fashioned challenge of sorts. Local Eclectic, an online marketplace that features independent designers, tapped two of its fave Chicago-based makers, jeweler Meghan Lorenz of Cities in Dust and celeb manicurist Astrowifey, to create a piece reflective of both artists’ styles. A studio brainstorm session and a few Pinterest boards later, and they landed on this airy yet regal design. Wear as intended to take minimalist half-moon manis or asymmetrical French tips to the next level, or flip the piece and wear it with the halo closer to your knuckles to achieve a more subtle, but just as striking look. Either way, it’s a must-have for stepping up your stacking ring game.


The first collab of many to come between Local Eclectic and dream couple artisans from around the country, (the next of which is already dropping this month, so stay tuned!), the midi nail cover rings are only made in a limited edition of 25 — and shockingly still not sold out. Retailing at $95 a piece, consider it an investment in always-on-point nail art.

What do you think of this new nail art/midi ring trend? Tell us how you’d style it in the comments below.

(Photos via Local Eclectic)