Creative baby names don’t always need to rely on a nature-inspired baby name trend or crazy words parents make up. Sometimes, it’s as easy as dropping an initial letter of a name or the first syllable or syllables of a baby name — like when a hunt for creative variations on Elizabeth inspires the baby name Beth. These days, Drew and Ward are cooler baby names than Andy or Ed. Scroll on for 28 unique baby names inspired by this minimalist trend.


1. Arley

2. Briella

3. Cilla

4. Colm

5. Drea

6. Jelica

7. Kiel

8. Livia

9. Lonzo

10. Manda

11. Melia

12. Milla

13. Minta

14. Nelia

15. Nessa

16. Nica

17. Remy

18. Rian

19. Riella

20. Stasia

21. Tana

22. Tavia

23. Tilda

24. Via

25. Ving

26. Xander

27. Xandra

28. Ziza

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