Sorry, Sephora, but we might not being seeing as much of each other anymore. We love the cosmetic wonderland as much as the next gal, but there’s a new beauty queen in town – and it’s coming in printer form. We first introduced you to Mink, a 3D printer for makeup, in May of last year. But back then it was still in its research and development phase. The technology’s founder Grace Choi has since gone on to refine her genius invention into a sleek and simple product that can be used in your home. The best part? You can pre-order it today. Welcome to the future, people.

If you’re a little bit confused as to how a printer can supply you with makeup, that’s totally understandable. Here’s a basic overview on how the technology works: Like any normal printer, the first thing you need to do is supply it with ink. The starter kit (on sale for $275) comes with three primary colors. After your ink is stocked, insert the basic powder (also included in the kit) into the printer. After that, open up Mink’s app (currently available only on iOS devices) and snap a photo of the color you’re looking to print. The printer will then inject the powder with your chosen color.

After you have the pigmented powder, you then break down and mix it with your desired mixing mediums. Currently the ink is safe to use for lips, face and body makeup. Mink is currently in the process of finalizing the formulation for eye inks. That should be available in a couple months.


Choi tells us that this round of printers are primarily “aimed at creative professionals, DIY-ers and budding beauty entrepreneurs/businesses who typically have some experience with formulation and mixing products. The consumer version of Mink, which would be for the average user is planned for release next summer.”

If you can’t wait to integrate this awesome new tech into your beauty routine, you’d better get that credit card ready. There are currently only 250 units available for pre-order. After that we’re guessing a long line of beauty mavens will fall into effect.

Would you use this crazy new invention? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.