As one of the most recognizable faces in the world, Miranda Kerr has learned her fair share of impressive beauty hacks. And she’s definitely down for trying unconventional tricks, like stashing a crystal in her bra to practice self-love or using face oils to clear a zit. After years in the biz, she’s comfortable taking matters into her own hands — this is the same woman that did her own wedding day makeup, after all — and her hidden beauty talent is no less bonkers.

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“My secret beauty talent is that I can pluck my eyebrows without a mirror,” the model told PeopleStyle. “Just, like, by feel. I get the tweezers and, yeah, I’m really good at that.” She certainly has some of the most enviable brows we’ve ever seen, but it just seems like there’d be so much room for error to tweeze without looking in a mirror that we’re simultaneously impressed and freaked out.

Turns out, the KORA Organics skincare founder finds plucking her brows relaxing. She added, “I remember I used to sit in the business class at school and my teacher would be like, ‘Miranda, put those tweezers away!’ I’d be sitting there like, ‘It helps me concentrate.'”

We can see how certain grooming techniques can be weirdly calming, so we totally get it. But maybe wait to whip out the tweezers until you’re comfortably stationed in front of a mirror or other reflective device to avoid any potentially hazardous situations. That is, unless you’re as big of a beauty guru as Kerr herself and you feel comfortable giving it a shot. In which case, pluck on!

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