2015 Playmate of the Year Dani Mathers made a huge WTF faux-pas (to put it mildly) this week when she snapped a pic of a fellow gym member in the locker room without consent. Why was that such a big deal? Well, the other lady was totally naked, and Dani decided to share the pic over Snapchat with a brutally body-shaming message. Now things are coming back to Dani in a way that’s almost as ugly as the original message the model felt compelled to share.

Dani Mathers

The backlash was quick to hit after Dani posted the pic, with commenters asking what the heck she was thinking by sharing such a shot (seriously the lady had a total expectation of relative privacy in the locker room), and people were seriously peeved over Dani’s message, which claimed, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

Dani Mathers

Dani came out saying that the entire thing was a mistake. Though she did fully intend to take the pic and she did fully write the message and she did fully intend to share her rude and wildly invasive creation, she says she just meant to share it with a friend instead of the entire world. But even post-apology, the repercussions are coming swift and hard.

The model has now been banned from LA Fitness (where the incident took place) — not only at her local gym, but at ALL locations. A totally expected result, it’s basically the lightest repercussion thus far.

While Dani’s voice may be known to many through her guest appearances on LA’s “Heidi and Frank” radio show, that’s now a thing of the past. Today, the station’s management announced in no uncertain terms that it is suspending any and all of Dani’s scheduled appearances indefinitely.

Dani Mathers

And that’s not where it ends. The online reaction from fans (and now super foes) has been so vicious that Dani has all but disappeared from the Internet for the time being.

BUT WAIT! If you thought that was bad, TMZ is now claiming that LA Fitness has reported the incident to police, which means Dani could be facing possible criminal charges.

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(Photos via Charley Gallay, Michael Buckner, Jason Kempin/Getty)