With the Olympics this weekend, it seems like everybody is motivated to be the best. In the spirit of the games, we rounded up the five apps from this week that deserve gold. Including a fitness app, a picture editor and a revolutionary alarm clock, the five apps we’ve got here are all worthy of medals.

1. FitnShare: Everybody knows that you work out better when you work out with friends. This new fitness app takes that sentiment to the extreme and allows you to share workout playlists, journals and exercises. There’s even an Instagram-looking feature that allows you to share photos from your workout. The friends that sweat together, stay together.


DL It: Free on iOS

2. This: A picture’s worth 1,000 words — plus however many words you can stick on the picture. This app will let you write clean captions and put arrows on a picture to draw attention where it needs to go, almost like a digital scrapbook.


DL It: $1.99 on iOS 

3. Prisma: The app that’s making iOS users go crazy the past couple of weeks is FINALLY available on Android. If you’ve been missing out on transforming your photos into rad, modern art interpretations, download the app now and get ready to feel artsy AF. (And you’ll def get a new profile picture out of it.)


DL It: Free on iOS and Android

4. Moji Maker: With every new release of emoji, they get more and more inclusive. But sometimes, the emoji options given to you are just not enough. This app will help you make your own emoji completely from scratch. Cross-eyed, tongue-sticking-out emoji coming right up!


DL It: $0.99 on iOS

5. Snorelax: There are few apps that make us giddy with excitement and swear that this one download could change our lives forever. But if any app has the power to transform our outlook on life, it is Snorelax. The app links up to traffic in your area and will wake you up earlier if your commute will take longer that day. So, feel free to sleep in; the commute can wait. (We really love sleep.)


DL It: $1.99 on iOS

What other apps are you using lately? Let us know @BritandCo!