Inspired by HGTV shows like Fixer Upper, farmhouse style has become one of 2017’s hottest home decor trends. But when you’re not actually a chic farm girl, cultivating some rustic-glam vibes isn’t easy. So, as always, we’ve got you covered. From incorporating natural finishes and vintage-inspired accessories to playing with textures, here are 15 easy ways to bring *all* the country feels to your home. No dirty work required.

Gallery Walls


1. Black, White, and Barn-Ready: For a not-so-OTT weathered decor, harness minimalist accents in a small, over-the-dresser display. A trip to your local flea market will get you all of the simple block quotes and bold, aging keys you’ll need to make this subtly countrified gallery wall. (via The Crafted Sparrow)

Gallery Wall 2

2. Pretty Stairs: An empty stairway wall is the natural place to start your home decor transition. Work with one or two larger items, then frame them with a few smaller accessories to fill up as much wall space as possible. (via Maison De Cinq)

Gallery Wall 1

3. Cozy Entryway: An entryway gallery wall will set the rural mood of your abode from the get-go. Scoop up all of the worn goodies you can find and piece them together tightly for a truly rustic ensemble. (via Liz Marie Blog)

Rustic Mirrors

Rustic Mirror 2

4. Weathered + White: Reflect the ranch-style theme — literally — with a slightly weathered mirror. Track one down or get crafty and DIY it with a salvaged window. Either way, a bundle of dried lavender tacked to the side will top off the pasture-side vibes seamlessly. (via The Weather Fox)

Halvorson Farmhouse, downstairs bathroom

5. Aged Antique: We’re obsessed with this farmhouse/minimalist trend matchup. The dark-stained antique mirror with an all-white background screams chic, with just a hint of back-to-the-farm feels. (via Live Simply)

Rustic Mirror

6. Reclaimed Wood: There’s simply nothing more homey than a handmade addition, and this DIY Wooden Framed Mirror is a perf solution to help your urban decor get back to its rural roots. Bust out the table saw, ladies! (via Amanda Katherine)

Antique Accents

Incorporate Antiques 3

7. Apothecary Jar Vases: Swapping standard vases for antique mason jars is an easy way to add rural hints to your home. Give them a genuinely vintage look with these DIY Apothecary Labels. (via Bless’er House)

Incorporate Antiques 1

8. Monotone Jars: These antique, blue mason jar dispensers will add a perf pop of color and some homegrown intrigue to any monochromatic space. You can put the fine china away now (it didn’t complement all those pizza nights anyway). (via 79 Ideas)

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 7.35.40 AM

9. Farm-Style Kitchen Goods: When it comes to adding antique elements, start with the birthplace of big, hearty meals. Corral your oldest trinkets (think: wire baskets, mason jars, and rustic signage) and pair them with white shelving for a country-chic look that doesn’t quit. (via The 36th Avenue)

Sliding Barn Doors

Modern Barn Door 2

10. Baby Blue Barn Door: Not all ranch-style installments need to have the unfinished look. This blue wonder is totally on point, but with a light hue and clean finish that will bring easy-breezy vibes to your space. And as a stellar sliding barn door, we think it will quickly become the main attraction of your new decor. (via Home Stratosphere)

11. Modern Bathroom Door: For elevated farmstead style, subtle touches go the extra mile acre. This sophisticated, white enamel bathroom door is the perfect amount of rustic style, without being too rowdy. (via Remodelaholic)

Modern Barn Door 1

12. Sleek + Simple Pantry Doors: These doors do double duty, adding both convenience and cowboy-flair to the practical pantry. The sleek hardware and color make this setup so chic that we wish we could snack in this kitchen every day. (via Kitchn)

Neutral + Natural Textures


13. Antique White + Wood: Easily achieve a weathered glow by pairing natural finishes with neutral tones. This wooden bench will take a sleek, all-white kitchen down a few notches to create a more comfortable atmosphere. The best part? No more worrying about scuffing up the table — the more scrapes, the better! (via 79 Ideas)

nuetral + natural 3

14. Planters on Shiplap: When it comes to wall elements, outdoor notions are your friend. Pair garden-side wall planters with organic herbs for aromas that will have you craving wide-open pastures. Or maybe just a little more time outside. (via Liz Marie Blog)

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 6.48.45 PM

15. Wood Accents + Woven Chairs: The laid-back feel of this natural wood table and woven chair is effortlessly welcoming and stylish. Talk about the perfect spot to enjoy some downright good country cookin’! (via The 36th Avenue)

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