Is there anyone out there who doesn’t need a little more organization in their life? (If there is, then you are a hero and *please* share your secrets.) For the rest of us, it’s always nice to find more smart storage ideas to help make our workspaces the best they can be. If you’re looking for more ways to stay clutter-free, it doesn’t get much simpler (or cheaper) than basic wire shelves and storage baskets. With a few little DIY details, you can turn the most basic storage units into something both practical and stylish. Check out these 13 projects that will give you endless organization options and still look chic while doing so.


1. DIY Wire Cubby: Transform your entryway into organizational bliss by giving everyone their own wire basket to store hats, sunglasses and gloves. Even if you don’t have kiddos, this hanging storage rack will come in handy. And it doesn’t have to stay in the hallway — all that extra storage could be used in the kitchen, closet or bedroom. (via Brit + Co)


2. Open Wire Shelving: You can’t beat the price point of a wire shelving unit, but sometimes it’s not the easiest to keep organized, especially when smaller things keep falling through the slats. Lay down cutting boards to store items like spices and add few baskets for those items you don’t want to display in the open. (via The Everygirl)


3. DIY Copper Desk Tidy: Your desk is your special space. It’s where you go to make goal plans, write grocery lists, draft up ideas and get your craft on. When the creative urge kicks in, your desk is a joyful mess, but when you want to clean it up a bit, steal a cutlery basket from the kitchen and spray paint it copper. (via Burkatron)


4. Wire Pinboard: Like Pinterest in real life, this wire board will keep all your inspiration close at hand. Pick up some wire grid fencing, wire cutters and binder clips to DIY a board exactly the right size for your work space. The tricky part: Not getting a hand cramp while cutting the wire to size. (via Planete Deco)


5. DIY Hanging Fruit Basket: Hanging storage is every small kitchen’s savior, since no counter space is required. Hang it above your kitchen counter for easy access during breakfast prep. Or just pick up some apples that go along with your color palette. (via Passion Shake)


6. DIY Retro Magazine Rack: Spray paint instantly transforms any thrift store or garage sale find. Give your magazine rack a monochromatic makeover with a coat of fresh paint, or try out a fancier paint technique like a pastel ombre. (via Farm Fresh Therapy)


7. DIY Copper Wire Basket: Sometimes when you’re putting together a homemade spa package for your BFF, the only thing you need is the perfectly sized basket to hold everything together. With this easy tutorial, you can have a customized basket every single time. (via Eclectic Trends)


8. DIY Frilled Basket: Gather together your fabric scraps to make this boho basket. Mix and match bright colors or stick with black and white poufs on a black basket. You can cover the whole basket in fabric scraps or just add the texture in certain spots. (via Monsters Circus)


9. DIY Wire Basket Towel Rack: What do you get when you cross copper pipe and a wire basket? This really cool storage rack. If you’re in a rental and looking for a creative way to add more storage to your bathroom, then this easy DIY is a great solution. (via A Joyful Riot)


10. DIY Rolling Basket Caddy: When you’ve got a big reading list, a daily journal, a magazine habit and a million electronics, the night stand seems to always be a teetering pile of things waiting to fall. Extra storage is just a roll away with this rolling basket nearby. (via iHeart Organizing)


11. DIY Brass House: The best part about this cute little house is that you can use it a few different ways. Set it upright as a display unit for your plants, mount it on the wall as a hanging shelf or lay it flat and use it as a storage basket. (via Passion Shake)


12. DIY Monogrammed Basket: There will be no more bickering once the monogram goes on the storage basket. Keep the kids’ essentials organized by giving them each a basket with their initial. Or use smaller letters and spell out different words to keep things organized in the closet or bathroom. (via Kraft Mint)


13. DIY Customized Wire Baskets: Spray paint your baskets a bold green and dress them up with decorative leather handles. Every room in the house would benefit from these cute storage baskets. Corral craft supplies, store towels in the bathroom and throw a few in the closet to keep those socks together. (via A Beautiful Mess)

What is the cutest wire storage project you’ve completed? We’d love to see your handiwork! Show us your project by tagging us on Instagram using hashtag #iamcreative!