There are many things that can make a mirror insanely modern. It can be as simple as having a sleek and streamlined design, or it can be that the form of the mirror has been completely re-imagined: segmented, multiplied, or even tricked out with tech. Today’s modern mirrors are nothing like your grandma’s home decor. Check out these 18 fascinating reflectors that fit the bill.

1. Abate Slatted Mirror ($298): Thin oval slats stand side-by-side to create this slatted mirror. Tiered scalloped edges give off an Art Deco vibe.

2. The Diamond Wall Mirror ($1,500): We’re swooning over this gem-cut mirror. Each reflective facet offers a different glamorous view of your living space.

3. Rainbow Palms Baroque Mirror ($99): The classic baroque mirror shape gets a bold 21st century makeover. Zips of neon palm fronds are so bright they make the frame look like its glowing.

4. Shine Wall Mirror ($469): How can a “broken” mirror be bad luck when it looks this good? ;) Hang this wall mirror somewhere sunny so the light can beam off each angular piece.

5. Day Glo Frame Mirror Blue Glass ($900+): Looking in this mirror is like staring into a permanently Instagram-filtered world. With blue tinted glass and a glowing pink frame, this mirror is definitely the wildest one in our roundup!

6. Cordona Mirror ($298): Do you think that if you stare at this mirror long enough, you’ll eventually see a Magic Eye? We’re totally hypnotized!

7. Open Mirror ($586): This unassuming oval mirror opens to reveal a glorious secret compartment that houses an iPhone dock and speakers. This hybrid wall decor/sound system is a must-have for audiophiles and technophiles alike.

8. Transience Mirror ($2,750): These stunning circle mirrors were carefully oxidized to create this golden gradient. Multiplied layers of rich yellows make this masterpiece look like the pattern of a solar eclipse.

9. Petal Mirror ($1,150): Gilded droplets surround this mirror like petals on a daisy. These embellishments are filled with abalone shells that radiate a warm, iridescent glow.

10. Aviator Mirrors ($1,800): No bro pad should be without this mirror set. These super cool reflective sunnies will add playful charm to any wall.

11. Camera Hand Mirror ($6): For all of our friends who have a tough time smiling at yourself. You’ll want to say “cheese!” every time you look in this mirror.

12. Mirrorbook Air ($6): We are still so smitten with these pocket Mac mirrors that we’ve had for several years now. We encourage you to join us in indulging your geeky side. ;)

13. Gem Cutout Mirrors ($49+): Our geo obsession continues with these gem cutout mirrors. They’ll hands down add a touch of whimsy to any living room or bedroom wall.

14. Mirror Bunting ($78): How did we not think of this? We salute you, Etsy seller, for this killer reflective party bunting.

15. Bubble Collision Mirror($328): Raise your hand if you can’t get enough of Anthropologie’s collection of crazy circle mirrors. Our hands are most certainly up, since we’ve had our eyes on this style for a minute. And let’s just say we got tired of ogling, aka we DIY-ed our own (and you can too…for a fraction of the price)!

16. Mirror TV (prices vary): This straight up Jetson’s mirror may have been the most mind-blowing Made Us Look to date. All kinds of technology—from apps to live TV and anything on the Internet—can be displayed right in front of you as you brush your teeth or blow dry your hair. Now there’s really no excuse for not accepting that friend request.

17. Bluetooth Music Vanity Mirror ($180): Amp up your vanity space with this mirror that can play your iTunes collection through its pimped-out speaker stand. You can even take phone calls through this vanity, leaving your hands free for the beautifying task at hand.

18. Mirror #180 (roughly $264): We’re still gushing about this brilliant, two-faced mirror. Gone are the days of dueling with your roomie or significant other for mirror space, all thanks to its innovative two-part design.

Which is your favorite modern mirror? Would you outfit your home with these design-forward reflectors? Talk to us in the comments below!