In this installment of Made Us Look, we’re being blown away but what might be the world’s most fascinating iPhone speaker. Open Mirror, by Digital Habits, is a gorgeous oval mirror that just happens to double as an iPhone speaker and handsfree controller.

At rest, the Open Mirror is just a pretty mirror, oval in shape, that attaches to your wall. When you’re ready to get your groove on, however, all you have to do is slide the bottom piece of the mirror over and it’s an iPhone dock, with an intriguing and eye-catching shape! Plug your phone in and get ready for a serious dance party.

Once you’re plugged in and booted up, you can control the soundtrack with gestures. There are three sensors built into the bottom of the mirror and you can pause, play, skip, rewind, and adjust volume simply by moving your hand under the sensors. We’d love to have this in our kitchen so we could change the track while we’re cooking without getting icing all over our phone.

You can purchase the mirror yourself for $586. They also have different “kits” designed for people who want to DIY it — from all the pieces to just the central electronic components. This means you can build your own Open Mirror or use the same technology to build something a little bit different.

What do you think of the Open Mirror? Do you have any cool DIY ideas for the kit? Let us know in the comments below!