Get a new view of your space (or your face) with this multi-faceted mirror. Composed of two different pieces the mirror #180 shows two different angles of a room, or makes it easier to share the mirror when standing side by side. No more fighting for the best angle with your significant other—you’ll each have your own view.

Built on a wooden platform, each side of the mirror can be adjusted to three different positions, meaning you can tweak it to suit your needs accordingly. We love the way it looks as a piece of decor. It can add some unexpected color by reflecting plants, artwork, or your brightly hued sofa in a place you weren’t expecting. The mirror comes from German design company halb/halb, and is available on their website for $264. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s a price we’d definitely pay for a functional piece of art.

Just don’t be shocked if you end up looking something like this when you walk up to the mirror. Getting the right reflection will take some adjusting.

What do you think of the halb/halb mirror? Would you use it in your home? Tell us in the comments!