Looking for a gift for all those expecting or brand new mamas in your life? Or how about getting into the holiday giving spirit and gifting a mom in need?

Bundle up a custom kit for moms everywhere with a mix of baby care must-haves, stylish essentials and a few other personal touches and your bestie/sister/cousin/coworker or even a complete stranger will be totally grateful. As a brand new mama, I can tell you firsthand that it鈥檚 these everyday essentials that make all the difference. Especially for a mom who may not have access to these essential resources for her baby鈥檚 happy and healthy development. We鈥檝e teamed up with JOHNSON鈥橲庐 to create such a kit, armed with all sorts of goodies you can buy and DIY. We highly recommend that you join JOHNSON鈥橲庐 in creating kits like this and gifting them to moms in need.

These kits are inspired by the new JOHNSON鈥橲庐 #MoreHandsMoreHearts campaign. JOHNSON鈥橲庐 is donating essential resources, including Care Kits and a special grant to Save the Children庐, to help moms ensure their babies thrive. And, to demonstrate their ongoing commitment, they鈥檝e committed to using every Tuesday to share their progress, new partnerships and incredible stories of hope and inspiration. How awesome is that? There are tons of ways for you to get involved 鈥 just head to the Johnson鈥檚 Baby Facebook page for more deets on how you can create your own baby care kit and donate to a mom in need, including suggestions on what to include.

One of our favorite pieces of the program is the Donate a Photo program. For every photo you share through Donate a Photo, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 to a cause you want to help.

Simply download the Donate a Photo App, and for every photo you 鈥渄onate,鈥 Johnson & Johnson will donate double its donation to Save the Children庐 up to $100,000. The $1 helps make it possible to provide a resuscitation device to help newborn babies take their first breath. We鈥檙e guessing you already take at least 20 photos on your phone a day, so why not turn those pics into a whole lot of care for newborns? Such a great way to pitch in, and so simple.

Now, back to helping mom and baby. Here are 8 essentials to create your own baby care kit.

1. DIY Tote Bag: To package everything up nicely, we created a quick DIY tote bag. Modern mamas need to tote their essentials in style, so make them a tote that fits with their sense of style.

To create this one, we used the same method we employed for our Hand-Stamped Textiles Kits, and used it on a tote! Start by creating a design of your choice by cutting foam, then attach that foam to a piece of wood. Paint it with fabric paint, and then stamp on a canvas tote. Repeat to create an all-over pattern 鈥 and don鈥檛 forget about the back. Head here for the full how-to.

2. Johnson鈥檚 Baby Take Along Pack ($3): Next up, we鈥檝e got this handy take along pack. It鈥檚 got everything any mommy-on-the-go could need for her baby, including body wash, shampoo, lotion, baby powder and Desitin庐. You can get the whole pack right here.

3. bkr Water Bottle ($30): The baby鈥檚 not the only one who needs a bottle! Outfit this kit with a stylish (and safe) water bottle for mama. I personally keep one of these in my purse at all times.

4. Mint/Gray Swaddling Muslin Blankets, Set of 4 ($27): It鈥檚 always good to carry a few spare swaddling blankets, whether you use them for swaddling, cuddling or for cleaning up unexpected messes. This set of mint ones is so cute you鈥檒l wish you had one in your size.

5. Neon Stripe Linen Scarf ($36): Give mom a little bit of style in the midst of all these baby-centric goodies. This soft handmade scarf goes with everything.

6. Organic Cotton Short-Sleeved Onesie ($25): Always carry a spare striped onesie. Always.

7. WubbaNub Giraffe ($13): What IS this? It鈥檚 a binky that has a stuffed animal on the end, and it is one of the most amazing pacifier-related inventions in recent history! This makes it easy for your baby to hold on to their own pacifier, even when their little hands aren鈥檛 super dextrous. A snuggly friend that also keeps them quiet and content? Sign us up.

8. Mouth Pattern Notebook ($12): A lot of things happen in those first few months, and nights without sleep mean it鈥檚 tough to remember every little thing. Keep a notebook on hand to jot down memories, notes or endless lists.

Be sure to join JOHNSON鈥橲庐 by heading to their Facebook page, Instagram or YouTube pages, by downloading Donate a Photo or making your own care kit to gift to a new mom or mom in need. And follow the hashtag #MoreHandsMoreHearts to check out all the good stuff they鈥檝e got cooking!

This post is a collaboration with JOHNSON鈥橲庐.