Here at Brit + Co, we’re all about putting a techy spin on our favorite timeless crafts. That’s why we’re so happy to introduce you all to our new online class teacher, Libs Elliott, who’s seriously brought quilting into the digital age.

Most of our online classes in the B+C Shop come with a companion supply kit. Watch and learn at your own pace, as each class you buy will be yours to access whenever. Plus, we partner with some of our favorite designers, artists and bloggers to share their inspiration and expertise on topics like calligraphy, watercolor painting and coding, just to name a few.

The newest addition to this ever-growing library of classes is our Intro to Modern Quilting Online Class. Yep, you read that right. Libs’ technique is as modern as they come (she actually uses computer coding to come up with designs), and she’ll use those designs to teach you how to cut, assemble and stitch your own perfectly picnic-sized, four-foot-square quilt.

Quilting takes time, as you might have guessed (definitely not just a day project), but she’ll keep you paced and motivated along the way. If you need a little extra motivation, though, you can always check out some of her awe-inspiring quilting projects. Sure made us want to get sewing!

Once you purchase the class, you could hit up the local craft store for supplies, but we’ve already got them all rounded up for you in our DIY Modern Quilt Kit, available for purchase in the Brit + Co Shop.

The supply kit includes six colors of fabric, black lining fabric, cotton batting, quilting needles, embroidery scissors, tape measure and more!

Before you know it, cooler weather will be upon us. So get started on your cozy quilt today.


Display it, gift it or wear it out! What’ll you do with your homemade quilt? Let us know in the comments below!