This has been a big week for iBeacon. Stores like Lord + Taylor and Macy’s are using Apple’s Bluetooth tech to upgrade their shoppers’ in-store experience. Designers are incorporating it into their accessories (have you seen these smart sunnies?!). There’s an app that allows employees to control the temperature in the office. And now, it’s allowing you to have a more personalized dining experience. In a, well, kinda creepy way.

In an attempt to improve service, restaurateur and owner of five fancy restos in Germany, Christian Mook is currently testing a mobile app that’ll give the waitstaff a ton of info about their diners. Not only will they know their names, but if they’re a regular, management will know the diner’s favorite table, how long they spend at the restaurant and their most-ordered dish. Because the technology can pinpoint where the user is (within five inches), the app will even know when you’re in the bathroom. Um… yeah.

Being a user (and a regular) has its perks. The more you dine at a Mook restaurant, the higher you’ll climb on the apps social rank. The higher your rank, the more rewards you’ll get, including a shorter wait or free drinks. Eventually, Mook hopes to utilize the diner info even more to improve the dining experience. Right now, the app is only being used in one restaurant as a test, but if successful, it will be compatible with all five dining rooms.

And forget any nonsense about them secretly spying on you and taking notes about what you’re eating and when you excuse yourself to the loo. Participating is totally voluntary and you can see all the info that they see about you. It’s just a way to make the overall experience more enjoyable. So go ahead and order five desserts. No one’s really looking.

Would you use this app if it was compatible with your favorite restaurant? Talk to us in the comments below!

(h/t Wall Street Journal)