Existing as an emotional being can be hard — often, it seems like your feelings have a mind of their own with little regard to what you’ve got going on in reality. Have an exciting job interview tomorrow? Perfect time to start questioning all your life choices! Got a hot date on Saturday night? Why not get that fear of commitment back in full swing right now! We all approach and deal with our emotions differently, but one thing’s for certain — we all have ’em. And while it may seem like your emotions are coming out of nowhere, astrology may actually offer some insight into why you feel the way you do. And it all comes from the moon.

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moon sign — your emotional Inner self

Your moon sign is determined by the moon’s position in the sky the moment you were born. It’s meant to reveal your emotional essence — kind of like your soul, or subconscious. Your moon sign sheds light on how you handle mood changes, personal relationships, and instinctual decisions, and it controls characteristics that come out when you’re alone or with people you’re closest to — your fears, dreams, desires, and deepest feelings. Understanding your moon sign gives you awesome insight into those reactions and emotions that seemingly come out of nowhere.

the meaning of each moon zodiac sign

Aries: Arians are known for their independent, often aggressive nature, which translates into a hot temper and impulsive emotional core for an Aries moon. Not that this is a bad thing — your friends and family can be certain they always know where they stand with you. And since you’ve got action-based Mars in your corner, if you are upset, you’re willing to work it out immediately and move on. You’re completely at ease being alone, and even when you’re in a relationship, you crave an emotional independence from your S.O. Just take the time to verbalize these needs or they can be misconstrued as distance or uncertainty.

Taurus: Home is where the heart is, Taurus moon. You feel happiest and most secure with your creature comforts around you — feeling uprooted or displaced is your worst nightmare. As a fixed Earth sign, you’re constantly seeking out stability and security by focusing on tangible, concrete ways to support your emotional well-being. This means you’re good at enjoying life’s pleasures, and nothing brings you greater joy than being at home, surrounded by loved ones, eating and drinking all night long. Just don’t let this turn into complacency and neediness when it comes to your motivation and relationships.

Gemini: Ever the curious cat, you feel your best when you’re learning something new, meaning your emotional side is inextricably linked to your mind. You’re interested in what makes people unique and find your emotional worth by connecting with others. People often tell you they feel comfortable sharing anything with you because you have an innate ability to put them at ease with your understanding and openness. You like to work through your problems in your head and react thoughtfully rather than impulsively. A word of caution — you’re sometimes compelled to play mind games if you’re feeling bored in a relationship, so try to slow down and savor each moment as it comes.

Cancer: Sweet, caring Cancer moon — as a water sign ruled by the moon, you’re often ruled by your feelings. You’re intensely emotional and let those emotions dictate your decision making — you’re forever “going with your gut.” And just as the moon’s phases are constantly in flux, so too are your moods, and you’re easily influenced by your environment. Indeed, you’re super sensitive but will hide in your crab shell if your feelings get hurt. With that said, you’re naturally nurturing and are so supportive of your loved ones. You find balance by surrounding yourself with family and friends who understand your shifting emotional needs and won’t take advantage of your empathetic nature.

Leo: Lion-hearted and generous, you’re a fiery moon sign with lots of energy and a flair for the dramatic. You’ve got a gravitational pull that draws people to you, seeking out your warmth and fun-loving nature. As a fixed sign, you’re fiercely loyal and will protect your loved ones with everything you have. There’s a passionate intensity to your emotions that, when channeled correctly, leads to incredible bursts of creativity. You’re often able to work through negative feelings by expressing yourself through art, music, writing, or acting.

Virgo: Virgo knows the value of routine, plans, and structure, which means your moon-ruled emotions are often seen through a rational lens. You’re a natural-born problem solver and don’t let fleeting feelings get in the way of making practical decisions. You tend to overanalyze everything and can be super critical of yourself and others. Because of this, it’s important for you to find ways to meditate and relax on the regular. You feel emotionally fulfilled when you’re giving back to others who appreciate your generous nature, which makes volunteering for a charity or working in the non-profit sector right up your alley.

Libra: With Venus’s strong influence over your Libra moon, you’re all about beauty, love, and truth in your environment and your relationships. You’re a naturally sociable and gracious person and are one of few people who feel energized by small talk. With a cardinal air sign that’s nicknamed “the sign of the scales,” you favor fairness and will do whatever you can to maintain that harmony — often putting others’ needs before your own just to keep the peace. Try to find balance in your emotional give and take, and let your loved ones take care of you too.

Scorpio: You reeaallllyyy feel all your feelings, both good and bad. There’s an intensity to your emotional side that makes you a passionate person, and you’ve always been perceptive to others’ moods. As a fixed water sign, there’s always something going on underneath the surface, and while you may be super sensitive, you’re not keen to show this vulnerable side to many. You feel best with just a few close connections that fulfill your spiritual depth. If you’re not careful, your innate desire to seek out the truth can lead to jealousy and insecurity, which means you have to learn to be patient with uncertainty without making any rash, feeling-based decisions.

Sagittarius: Even in the face of extreme stress or anxiety, you’ve got an innate ability to maintain your naturally sunny disposition, Sag moon. You’re a positive person and prefer to see the glass half full — but that doesn’t mean you’re naïve. You’ll stick up for yourself and prefer to be bluntly truthful because you just can’t sit with any kind of negativity. You love new experiences and crave variety in your life. You’re always up for a new adventure; traveling the world is your happy place, and your genuine interest in others makes you an understanding, non-judgmental friend to everyone.

Capricorn: It’s not that you don’t have any emotions; it’s just that you don’t really understand how indulging them gets you anywhere. And you are always trying to get somewhere — moving forward is your preferred state of being. With cosmic taskmaster Saturn as your planetary ruler, you’re more interested in how to solve problems with a clear mind and no-nonsense logic. And while you revel in solitude and feel most yourself when you’re alone, you’re as loyal as they come and will give your everything to family, friends, and significant others.

Aquarius: If there’s one thing to know about you, Aquarius moon, it’s that you can’t be told what to do. You’ve got a rebellious spirit and have always felt like an outsider, which means you’re often sticking up for those who can’t stick up for themselves. Because you’re so busy thinking up new ways to make the world a better place, you can come across as unemotional and detached. Surrounding yourself with similarly independent, progressive people will help you connect on a deeper level without feeling suffocated or co-dependent.

Pisces: You’re constantly processing your (often intense) emotions, but your empathy means you’re often feeling everyone else’s feelings too. It’s true — you’re probably the most compassionate moon sign in the zodiac. You’re incredible spiritual, and many Pisces moon signs feel they have an extrasensory gift. Since you’re so sensitive to others’ emotions, it’s important you don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of and keep a small, supportive group of friends.

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