For those of us who have serious social media addictions, we check our Instagram probably 10 times (or more — no judgment!) a day. While it’s not a popularity contest, hey, many of us work online and have to maintain a consistent Internet presence. Therefore, you want to optimize your social media posts, amirite? Generally speaking, since most people are on their Instagram in the afternoon, that’s probably when you think you should be putting your pics out there — so you would think. According to GeekWire, for that exact reason, you should NOT post your photo in the afternoon. Instagram recently stated that they get an average of 70 MILLION posts a day. That’s a lot of photos. That incredible sunset pic you probably spent at least five minutes editing is likely to get buried under all the other photos that are being uploaded to the social media platform at that time and is actually probably going to garner fewer likes.

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When is the best time to upload photos then, you ask? In the AM. Yup. In a study released by Adweek and Mavrck, there’s a serious dip in the number of posts being uploaded between the hours of six in the morning to noon — with 8 AM and 9 AM receiving only 0.91 percent and 0.93 percent of all Instagram posts in a day. And oddly enough, the most popular hours to post pics are 1 AM and 4 PM. Those hours are the worst times for your awesome pet selfie to get seen and LIKED probably because everyone is uploading to Instagram right around the time the afternoon slump hits and also just before bed.

The study also found that millennial women between the ages of 24 and 40 are the best “micro-influencers” — which we take to mean we’re more likely to be Instagram famous. COOL. Also, #TBT and #WCW are the most popular hashtags on Instagram — but you probably already guessed that. To sum it all up, women are #girlbosses on Instagram, people love throwback Thursday + woman crush Wednesday and post your pics in the morning.

Guess whatever that saying about the early bird getting the worm might actually be true.

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(h/t GeekWire, photos via Daniel C. Sims/Getty + Justin Sullivan/Getty)