A new year usually means fresh resolutions. This year, you might be dedicated to eating healthier, hitting the gym more often or learning a new skill. Regardless of what resolution you’re after, the point is that you want to be a better version of yourself this year than you were in 2015. Lots of us turn to Pinterest when we’re looking for the info or inspo needed to kick off these creative new year’s resolutions, so it’s no surprise that the visual discovery tool’s data can tell us a lot about what people care about by how they pin. Pinterest’s latest data release shed some light on which health, beauty + wellness topics were most pinned so far in 2016 but, TBH, you might not have even heard of the #1 most searched topic on the list.


The Bullet Journal — dubbed as “the analog system for the digital age” — is a way to organize your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook and diary in a new customizable way, and people on Pinterest have been pinning it like crazy. Using a method called rapid logging, people write down everything they need to make sense of in their lives (events, tasks, birthdays, notes, etc.) with a set of symbols that keep the log differentiated. From there, you integrate four core modules: the index, future log, monthly log and daily log. The bullet journaling system is a way to keep the craziness of your life organized so you don’t miss anything, stay on track to meet your personal + professional goals and keep you aware of what’s to come. Basically, you should give this system a try if you want your life to have a bit more structure in 2016.

Beyond bullet journals, the overall theme of the top ten most pinned list seems to be having a healthy mind, body and spirit — something we’re all about. It’s great and super refreshing to see that this list doesn’t contain anything related to crash diets or the like. Take it from Pinterest: 2016 is all about taking care of yourself. You can peep the full list below.

  1. Bullet journals
  2. Going minimal
  3. “Meditation space”
  4. “21 day fix”
  5. “Hourglass workout”
  6. “Cloud bread”
  7. “Holistic”
  8. “Detox”
  9. “Dry brushing”
  10. Jiu jitsu

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