Ever wonder what your handbag says about you? Us too. Maybe you鈥檝e always thought that Californians are drawn to slouchy bags fit for beach bummin鈥 while New Yorkers prefer more structured, fashion-forward bags. Well, wonder no longer: Polyvore has released an infographic that details the most popular handbag styles in each state, and the results are pretty darn interesting, like that CAers and NYers *aren鈥檛* so different after all 鈥 and are actually equally weird 鈥 in their bag preferences.


There are a ton of factors that come into play when chosing the best handbag for you, like style, functionality and your desired use. But does where you鈥檙e from *really* come into play? We鈥檒l let you be the judge with the help of Polyvore鈥檚 infographic.



Californians and New Yorkers love a fanny pack, apparently. Maybe it鈥檚 because both of these states host relatively large music festivals and we all know that festies + fanny packs go hand-in-hand. We know they鈥檙e a polarizing style, so if your鈥檈 an East- or West-Coaster who doesn鈥檛 know if they can fully commit, know that it鈥檚 super simple to DIY your very own!

Avenue Dee Carbon Fanny Pack ($32)



Oklahomans, Louisianans and Nebraskans are feelin鈥 the carefree + casual boho vibe when it comes to their handbag of choice. We鈥檙e guessing it鈥檚 becuase boho-esque bags are so versatile and carefree while still being trendy and stylish.

Free People Rodeo Bucket Bag ($398)



Texans, Alabamians, Tennesseans and Missourians can鈥檛 get enough of the trendy bucket bag (perhaps Texans fill it up with queso ;). This doesn鈥檛 come as a shock to us; this bag style is a hit because it鈥檚 functional and stylish. Did we mention you can impress *everyone* by making your own leather bucket bag? Boom.

Nomadik Deluis Bucket Bag ($174)



We love the practicality that cross body bags offer, and so do peeps living in Nevada, Idaho and Washington. With a cross body, you get a bag that doesn鈥檛 require you to hold it (farewell, sore arms/hands) and it鈥檚 totally out of your way. It鈥檚 a great option for when you鈥檙e out and about or traveling.

Erin Templeton Sunday Best Bag ($250)



South Dakotans, Kentuckians and Floridians flock to the drawstring bag for a few reasons. They鈥檝e got that casual vibe about them but still allow you to show a bunch of style 鈥 from bold patterns to sleek leathers to a bright blanket style to a DIY tea towel option. The best part of drawstring bags is that you can throw a bunch of stuff in 鈥榚m; the more filled out they are, the better they look.

Baggu Canvas Sling ($32)



Folks from Kansas, Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan and North Dakota are feeling the fringe bag. It鈥檚 fun, it鈥檚 flirty and the details are what really make the bag鈥檚 style notable 鈥 *and* very DIYable. Adding a fringe bag to a casual look could be the only accessorizing your outfit needs.

Leather Tassel Hobo Bag ($125)



Pennsylvanians, New Hampshirites and Connecticutians are drawn to straw/basekt bags 鈥 we would expect this trend to be more focused on Southern states (because it鈥檚 typically warmer down there), but hey, Northerners apparently are all about 鈥榚m. Straw bags have that summer-y, beach-y vibe about them, which makes them perfect carry-alls when you鈥檙e trekking to the beach or a lake to take a dip in.

Old Navy Straw Bag ($15)



Ahhhh, the tote bag 鈥 who doesn鈥檛 love them? Utah, Wyoming and people from Iowa can鈥檛 seem to get enough of the roomy bag. The styles are endless 鈥 because a tote bag gives you a lot of surface area to work with 鈥 but we鈥檙e partial to cheeky phrases and quirky prints on them, like the one pictured above that says 鈥淪up鈥 or another personal fave scrawled with the phrase 鈥淵es Way Chardonnay,鈥 because why TF not?

Sugar & Cloth x Brit + Co Gold Foil Tote Kit ($19)



Georgia peaches, Mississippians, Virginians, New Jerseyans and Washington, DC-living humans love the weekend bag 鈥 and for good reason. It鈥檚 large, stylish and says, 鈥淚鈥檓 going somewhere,鈥 literally.

Ecote Woven Texture Weekender Bag ($79)

Other fun tidbits from this infographic include Maine loving cat handbags (YAS, go Maine!), Delaware being into the bowler bag, Minnesota grabbing a camouflage bag and New Mexico reaching for a bow bag. Who knew?

Are you surprised by anything on the infographic? What is your favorite type of bag? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Infographic via Polyvore