Fringe — we’re all about it. While it may remind some of us of piñatas and others of epic festival going, fringe is having a major moment right now (and we’re not complaining — um, we love piñatas and music fests?!). The best part about fringe is that you can wear it subtly or sport it from head to toe, depending on how bohemian you’re feeling. From DIY statement necklaces to swimsuits, we’ve rounded up 30 ways to get in on the frilly action.

1. Eliz Fringe Clutch ($114): This super awesome JADEtribe wristlet brings on the fringe in two ways. You’ve got the electric blue yarn fringe around the edges and the suede beaded fringe on the zipper pull. With a colorful accessory like this, who needs great shoes? (Trick question: We all need great shoes. Always.)

2. Sparked Fringed Necklace ($448): This accessory is stun-ning. Made of crystal, wood and silk, this Tataborello necklace makes a large statement — which is, “I’m by far the prettiest fringe necklace in all the land.”

3. DIY Fringe Purses: Whether your fringe hangs low or not, these easy-to-make DIY fringe purses are in season all year ’round. For an understated classy look, go with the ivory and metallic clutch. For something more edgy and fun, go with the neon green clutch with extra long fringe. (via Brit + Co.)

4. Gobi Fringe Tank ($256): Ever wonder what happens when minimalism and bohemian collide? This Tibi top is a clear example of how fringe can be worn elegantly to work.

5. Raffia Fringe Tote ($50): Any frilly, colorful bag that’s $50 or under is a must, but this is one we’d splurge for if we had to! The different colored stripes and textures show that fringe comes in many (pretty) forms.

6. Fringed Leather Dress ($7,000): This Fendi dress takes fringe to a whole ‘nother level. While it’s a standout option for a cocktail party, it will cost you! But nobody said looking good came cheaply.

7. Liquid Fringe Cuff ($215): If you want to wear fringe in a subtle way, this flat chain cuff is the perfect option. Made by Fallon, this bracelet is ideal for stacking with other bangles, but also looks fantastic on its own.

8. Ribbon Fringe Muslin Blouse ($417): If you go googly-eyed in the best way possible when you stare at a huge wall full of ribbon spools, this Alberta Ferretti top is for you. It’s multi-colored, it’s lightweight and it makes good use of those beautiful ribbons we lust over.

9. Worldly Beaded Fringe Necklace ($7): A fringe necklace is an awesome way to spice up your outfit. This beaded stunner is so affordable, you can easily make use of all three colors it’s offered in.

10. DIY Fringe Sneakers: Mix up your summer shoe wardrobe with this easy-to-do tutorial. Who would’ve guessed that fun fringe layers and plain black sneakers would make such a rad pairing?! (via Brit + Co.)

11. Floral Fringe Kimono ($58): Can we just talk about how much we love kimonos? They’re the perfect layering piece for warmer months. They’re pretty, they’re comfortable and they work for all occasions, whether you’re attending a summer festival, heading to work or going on a hot date.

12. Tie Dye Fringe Swimsuit ($96): This one piece swimsuit is EVERYTHING. Not only is the shape extremely complementary to all body types, but the vibrant tie dye looks great on all skin colors. Flattering? Check. Sexy? Check. Cute? Check. What more could you want in a swimsuit?

13. DIY Fringe Shirts: Whether you attend lots of music festivals or not, this do-it-yourself top is the perfect way to transform solid tees in style. It’s also a really great way to repurpose those old t-shirts. Just add fringe (and beads) for the cute summer staple you’ll want to sport daily. (via Brit + Co.)

14. Exposed Zip Fringe Jacket ($548): Every girl needs a leather jacket, no matter if it’s real or faux. This smooth-as-butter outerwear piece is a standout addition to your closet because of its cool olive color and Southwestern-inspired fringe accents.

15. Rainbow Fringe One-Piece Swimsuit ($50): Can’t decide between a bikini and a one-piece? This bathing suit will cure your indecisiveness! With a dual personality, the two-piece back reads classic, while the pastel fringe along the neckline in front says, “I’m here to party.”

16. DIY Fun Fringe Tote: Is it just us? Or are tote bags having a major moment right now? They’re easy to wear and, in this case, easy to make! We love this DIY accessory because it’s totes customizable and totes adorbs. (via Brit + Co.)

17. Fringe Multi Chain Necklace ($42): OMG! This statement choker has everything: chains, braids, fringe, crystals and a turquoise pendant! It’s the quintessential way to add some color to a monotone outfit. You could also style it with a t-shirt and jeans for a casual, yet put together ensemble.

18. Embroidered Mirror Maxi Dress ($328): We’ll admit we’re suckers for anything embroidered, and this Mara Hoffman maxi is no exception. The bright neon colored bodice against the dreamy white skirt makes for a truly jaw-dropping combination.

19. Mini Electric Suede Bag ($165): One of our favorite ways to rock fringe is with a funky bag. You can’t go wrong with this electric blue crossbody by JJ Winters. It’s not only eye-catching, but it’s the ultimate shape and size for the girl-on-the-go.

20. Beaded Fringe Mini Skirt ($2,814): This Emilio Pucci skirt is beyond breathtaking. Aside from the vibrant hues and prints on this uniquely shaped mini, the beaded fringe creates diamond and zig-zag patterns that gives this piece a major wow factor. We feel like it could even double as a wall-hanging. Kidding.

21. Fringe Trim Socks ($6): Men are very obsessed with their socks — and it’s time for women to get in on the action. If you’re a sock lady (or would like to be one), you’ve got to get yourself a pair of these bold ankle socks from Topshop. They come in black, jungle green and hot pink, all with black fringe trim at the cuff.

22. Sara Battaglia Fringed Pouch ($739): Is this not the cutest fringed-out pouch you’ve ever seen? Bucket bags like these are the hottest thing in the accessory world right now, and this stunner is proof! While semi-color blocked, the neutral tones of the purse make a very stylish addition to your everyday wardrobe.

23. Bold Zigzag Fringe Cardigan ($30): Who doesn’t love a good poncho? This crazy-affordable cardigan will keep you warm in style.

24. DIY Fringe Statement Necklaces: Before you get rid of your over-worn statement necklaces, take a peek at how we repurposed them into colorful fringe masterpieces! This easy tutorial gives you five new ways to convert those pieces that you can’t bare to wear again into ones you’ll be constantly reaching for. (via Brit + Co.)

25. Fringe Cross Body Bag ($88): It’s no secret that pastels and neutrals are key shades this season. Which is why you need to get your hands on this crossbody. Not only is it under $100, but the pale pink and orange hues will keep you right on trend.

26. Multi Fringed Top ($438): When patchwork met fringe, this multi colored top was born. If you want to make a chic statement, this is the garment that will do just that.

27. DIY T-Shirt Jewelry: This layering necklace is proof that you don’t need to go overboard when it comes to fringe. You’re only a few small knots away from making this cutie, so what are you waiting for? (via Brit + Co.)

28. Fringed Stretched-Tulle Briefs ($41): Let’s get intimate. Just because your skivvies are hidden doesn’t mean they should miss out on the fringe-filled fun. This matching set may not be practical, but it’s definitely one you want to be seen in.

29. Ombre Phoenix Fringe Tote ($698): A seafoam green tote is a classic example of how boho can be versatile. Long ombre (and beaded!) fringe give this Free People bag the cool factor. Plus, we can see every age lusting over a fun tote like this one, from a young hippie chick to a hip old granny.

30. Fiza Fringe Pumps ($135): Want to wear your fringe for a night out on the town? These colorful frilly pumps are so hot, you won’t need to worry about the rest of your outfit. Pair them with a pair of jeans or an LBD and let your shoes do the walking talking.

Are you on a fringe binge? Tell us about your favorite frilly pieces in the comments!