There are few things in life more wonderful than the perfect bag. And during summer, you really don鈥檛 have to look any further than a basket tote to find perfection. Basket totes are great for the beach, shopping and, of course, heading to the market. They鈥檙e big enough to hold all the essentials, plus whatever goodies you grab while you鈥檙e out running errands. Check out these 14 chic basket totes and be prepared to fall in love. We sure did. 1. French Market Tote ($59): With both short and long handles, this tote accommodates even the most indecisive bag owners. Pretty darn smart. 2. Painted Beach Bag: A thrifted tote, some wax paper and brightly colored paint are all it takes to make this vivid, practical bag come to life. (via My Trash and Treasure) 3. Leather Handled Market Tote ($39): With the bulk of this bag being a neutral color, we were so pleasantly surprised to see a pop of orange come from the handles. 4. Raffia + Seagrass Basket Tote Bag ($122): Patterns, turquoise, leather鈥 swoon alert! 5. Bead Embellished Basket Tote ($343): Any product with the word 鈥embellished鈥 in it is bound to catch our eyes. Throw the word 鈥渂ead鈥 into the mix as well, and we鈥檙e officially pulling out our credit cards. 6. Market Tote with Lining ($96): If turquoise isn鈥檛 your jam, perhaps coral is. And if you鈥檙e new to both colors, you can鈥檛 go wrong either way! 7. Knit-Stitch Tote ($138): Not only is this tote lined, but it鈥檚 lined with a light colored fabric. Now you鈥檒l never have to spend an obscene amount of time digging through the black hole that is your purse to find things again. 8. Rae Floral Tote ($186): Embroidery makes for some seriously beautiful clothes and accessories, and this woven tote is no exception. 9. Dip Dyed Basket Tote: Tassels and neon? Stop it, we鈥檙e overwhelmed with love for this DIY basket tote! (via Escarabajos Bichos y Mariposas) 10. Straw Tote Handbag ($35): It鈥檚 amazing how a little beaded accent can change the look of a bag entirely. Not to say we wouldn鈥檛 love this lime green tote on its own, but we definitely love it more paired with the chic attachment. 11. Hilo Straw Tote ($80): We couldn鈥檛 possibly show you totes with tassels and beads and not show you ones with pom poms. This basket tote boasts fun, multicolored stripes that make pairing it with any outfit a cinch. 12. Metallic Straw Stripe Tote ($158): A basket tote has never looked more glamorous than this. Leave it to our homegirl Tory Burch to add some glitz and glam to a typically plain style. 13. Color Block Tote: This tote is a copycat of Gap鈥檚 version from this season, and this blogger shows you how to take a plain $3 Target tote and turn it into the gorgeous color block wonder you see above. (via Tattered to Taylored) 14. Gingham Straw Tote ($40): Between the straw and the gingham, we don鈥檛 really know how a tote gets more summery than this. Will you be heading out to the market or to run errands with any of these gorgeous totes? Share your favorites with us in the comments below.