What you pack in your gym bag for an intense spinning or weight class is a much different bag than the one you’ll want to pack for yoga. Obviously, there are some things you’ll always need, like deodorant and a good water bottle, but other things are little more yoga-specific, like cleansing towelettes and a good headband. But much like the yoga practice itself, the average yogi’s bag should be minimalistic and simple, with just a few essentials to make your practice as mindful as possible. So once you’ve picked out your favorite outfit, add these 16 essentials to your yoga bag and namaste.


1. Swell Water Bottle ($35): When you are in touch with yourself and nature, you’ll appreciate the ethos behind these one-of-a-kind, hand-painted water bottles. Besides being beautiful, these bottles are also helping the earth! American Forests will plant one tree for every bottle sold.


2. Manduka Mat ($80): No, these yoga mats aren’t cheap, but they’re extra comfy and come with a lifetime guarantee. Also, they come in about twenty really cool colors so you can unroll with pride at your next class.


3. Yoga Bag ($45): You’ll be the envy of the class with this brightly patterned bag. You can feel even better when you buy this pretty bag, because all the proceeds go toward helping female education.


4. Comfy Headband ($12): Headbands are tough because you want to keep your hair in place during down dog, but you also don’t want one of those icky headband headaches. These nice, wide headbands are guaranteed not to slip, but also won’t be too tight. Plus they come in a bunch of different colors so you can coordinate your yogi gear.


5. Non-slip Towel ($64): Any hot-yoga lovers here? Whether you’re dripping sweat or just want some extra padding during your practice, these non-stick towels are a must.


6. Ballroom Philosopher Eau de Parfum ($50): Dab a little of this romantic mix of peony, mandarin petals and creamy sandalwood before or after your workout to keep that body odor far, far away.


7. Emergen-C ($0.40): Throw a handful of these into your yoga bag for replenishing electrolytes after a hot yoga session. They’re cheaper than energy drinks and aren’t full of nasty chemicals and empty calories.


8. Large Pouch ($25): Quit digging around your bag for those missing hair ties, deodorant and other bits and baubles that get lost in the abyss.


9. Essential Oil Towelettes ($16): If you don’t have your own yoga mat yet, you’ll love having these essential oil wipes to wipe down before you start your practice. These wipes come in several scents, from relaxing lavender to invigorating lemon.


10. Lavanila Healthy Deodorant ($8): The last thing you want to be noticing halfway through class is that you forg0t to put on deodorant. Steer clear of the harmful metals in antiperspirants and opt for a more natural deodorant that works just as hard.


11. True Relaxation Oils ($48): Feeling a little tense even after that yoga? DIY a little spa time by relaxing sore muscles and easing out any remaining tenseness in your bod with this warming blend of sweet basil, lavender and spearmint oils.


12. Lily Tote Bag ($120): By now you’re probably thinking, “there is no way I’m getting all that stuff in my yoga mat carrier.” With a padded laptop pocket, special yoga mat compartment, shoe bag and transparent cosmetic case, this tote can multi-task right along with you. But if you’re feeling handy, you can try making your own yoga bag with your favorite patterns.


13. Bhakti Yoga Jacket ($118): Whether you have to run errands or are just grabbing a healthy smoothie, zip up in this chic hoodie to keep from getting a chill after your workout.


14. Yoga Travel Bag ($295): Made from vintage quilts, this brightly colored and roomy yoga travel bag is lined with luxurious leather trim and handles. If you’re looking to treat yourself for some solid yoga work, this might be just the thing.


15. Hair Tie Set ($6): You might not want to share your hair ties when they are as cute as these. Capable of holding up the thickest ponytail, these pretty ties won’t pull your hair or break halfway through camel pose.


16. DIY Mat Cleaner: You never know what’s lurking in your mat after multiple yoga classes and sweaty feet. Freshen it up with this easy DIY cleaner that you can personalize with your favorite essential oils. (via Brit + Co)

What are your must-haves for yoga class? Tell us what’s in your yoga bag in the comments below!