As Halloween draws near, time is running out to figure out what you’re going to be come October 31. We’ve already gotten plenty of inspo from celebs like Lauren Conrad (check out her spot-on Cruella de Vil!) and retail sites like eBay, but if you’re *still* stumped for costume ideas, never fear: Google, the end-all, be-all of search engines, is here to end your struggle with its annual list of the most searched costumes on the net. While some, like Wonder Woman and It’s Pennywise are no brainers, others are a bit more surprising — who knew so many people wanted to be a chicken? Check out what made the cut below to find out what trends to get in on, or, if you’re more into being unique, what to steer clear of!

Most searched google costumes of 2017

1. Wonder Woman

2. Harley Quinn

3. Clown

4. Unicorn

5. Rabbit

6. Witch

7. Mouse

8. Pirate

9. Zombie

10. Dinosaur

Vampire Halloween Costume

11. Princess

12. Moana

13. Ninja

14. Superhero

15. Mermaid

16. It

17. Batman

18. Monster

19. Vampire

20. Doll

Belle Beauty and the Beast Halloween Costume

21. Belle

22. Skeleton

23. Joker

24. Chucky

25. Pumpkin

26. Cheerleader

27. Angel

28. Spider

29. Minnie Mouse

30. Star Wars

Fairy Halloween Costume

31. Bear

32. 1980s

33. Ghost

34. Fairy

35. Devil

36. Lion

37. Mario

38. Little Red Riding Hood

39. Dragon

40. Chicken

Catwoman Halloween Costume

41. Catwoman

42. Mickey Mouse

43. Power Rangers

44. Police Officer

45. Gray Wolf

46. Daenerys Targaryen

47. Paw Patrol

48. 1990s

49. Deer

50. LEGO

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(Photos via Brit + Co)