We know Halloween isn’t exactly around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to get a leg up on the office party competition with a next-level, budget-friendly costume. We’re here to help you hack your way to greatness with a simple DIY Halloween costume that can come straight from your closet. This super easy pirate costume will suit every type of Brit + Co reader, not to mention it might be one of the cheapest costumes to make, with very few accessories required. You can even make this look using only one key piece you probably have in your closet right now — a striped shirt! If all else fails, you can file this classic under last-minute basic material costumes that you can whip up using items at your local convenience store — it’s that simple. Ahoy, matey!



Grab your striped shirt and pair it with some black denim jeans and black boots for this super simple pirate costume. Create a fringe belt and head wrap from leftover black fabric scraps.


An eye patch is a must for this look. Go crazy and rock extra accessories like a sword or a hook.


Pirates come in all shapes and forms — check out how to complete your look with a pirate braid or create your pirate costume using only black leggings and a white top.



Steering away from the grungy Jack Sparrow look, we’re styling this pirate costume with a fishtail braid.


Remember, a fishtail braid is created with two strands rather than three! Just like a French braid, keep adding new sections from one side to the other and overlap them as you move down the braid. All you need for the outfit shown here is a black and white striped shirt (thicker stripes are better), a red piece of cloth or bandana and an eye patch, which you can easily find at Party City or your local pop-up Halloween shop.


It’s only July, but once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator. Keep this hack in mind for that inevitable moment of panic on October 30.


What you need:

black leggings
Hanes t-shirts
Sharpie markers
– liquid paper (aka White Out)
silver glitter duct tape


How to become a pirate maiden:

1. Draw a skull and cross bones on a t-shirt using a Sharpie.

2. Cut off the sleeves starting from the bottom of the armpit to where the collar starts. Then cut the collar out for a more unfinished look.

3. Cut uneven triangle sections off the bottom to create a ragged silhouette.

4. Use a lighter to burn the edges of your shirt — be careful!

5. Create an eye patch out of duct tape, and use t-shirt scraps to tie it to your face.

Easy enough, right?

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