We love spending valuable minutes of our day letting algorithms and/or Buzzfeed interns (?) predict where we should live and tell us which member of One Direction is our main spirit animal, but we also appreciate a quiz with some true(r) payoff. Welp, everything’s coming up roses, daisies and sunflowers for us today with the discovery of (dun dun dun) The Mother Plucker.

Mother Plucker is a cheeky little website that features cute cartooned sitcom moms — one that is your mom’s soul sister + the answers to all of your “what do I get Mom for Mother’s Day this year?!” qualms.

Take the quiz that asks you to “picture it…” you and your mom in certain situations.

The results are more adorable than your mom’s attempt to master texting with emojis. Maybe your mom is a brassy broad like Peggy Bundy, or maybe she’s more of a classy career woman like Clair Huxtable. Either way, the quiz matches you with a TV mom that most represents your real life ‘rent and suggests what flowers to gift her with on Mom’s Day this Sunday.

Of course it’s the thought that counts, but we think you should skip sharing the results with her and click to actually buy the bouquet. No one has told you this much about your mom OR helped you through mommy issues this easily since last Tuesday’s therapy sesh!

What sitcom mom is yours most like?! Any other awesome (and actually HELPFUL) quizzes you want to share with the class? Do so below!