All of us creative types find our inspiration in different ways. Some people pop out of bed at the crack of dawn practically bursting with ideas. Others come alive at night. Then there are those who thrive with routine and order, while others need chaos and pressure. One thing we share in common — long hours spent in front of a computer screen. So whether you’re a night owl, a master procrastinator or a messy multitasker, we’re guessing that spiffying up your desktop with an aesthetically pleasing motivational message will prove as uplifting as a cup of coffee. These 10 desktop messages are beautifully created by our friends over at Design Milk. Go download them all (they’re free!), and be inspired to do your best work.

1. Keep Creating: Designing a workspace that nurtures creativity is easy with motivational desktop quotes like this one from Maya Angelou.

2. Be Happy: This desktop design is so bright and cheery, you’ll smile the second your computer screen lights up the colorful quote.

3. Start Where You Are: You already have everything you need to succeed… except maybe this piece of digital art.

4. Wake Up and Be Awesome: It’s one of our fave quotes. Download this and your desktop will serve as a daily reminder to do your part to make the world a better place today, if only by offering a kind word or a smile.

5. Have Some Guts: A solemn reminder to suck it up and get stuff done. Being a wimp never works out for anyone.

6. Take Your Pleasure Seriously: If you like something, you ought to take it seriously. For those of us lucky enough to have a hobby as our life’s work, this is easy. For others, it may mean getting a bit more creative and making time for stuff that you do love. Hmm, can we use this as an excuse for unlimited coffee breaks throughout the workday? ;)

7. Laugh: We wholeheartedly agree with Charlie Chaplin. Download this reminder, and if you need some help getting your daily dose of laughter medicine, check out these funnies.

8. There Is No Shortcut for Greatness: Everyone wants to find shortcuts, but only hard work will help us achieve our dreams. This lovely vintage wallpaper reminds us why we should take the path less traveled. Greatness isn’t where we stand but what direction we are moving in. Yep, it’s called work!

9. Coco Chanel Quote: Coco says it best! ;) Kickstart your path to success by decluttering that desktop.

10. Cheery Pink Desktop: Bored with basic backgrounds? Kick your desktop design up a notch with a colorful graphic statement that also packs a motivational punch.

Which of these motivational messages are you downloading to your desktop? Share your favorite in the comments below!