While vanilla and chocolate are always winners, sometimes you want to spice up your cake layers with fruity flavor. Jams provide a beautiful contrast to the consistency and provide a burst of sweetness. Imagine slicing into a chocolate cake with a layer of raspberry jam or a coffee cake with a swirl of apricot preserves. Are you drooling yet? Check out these 13 recipes to ensure that your cake is jam-packed with flavor.

1. Almond Layer Cake With Peach Mascarpone Filling and Raspberry Buttercream: Tart raspberry buttercream and homemade peach compote are the calling cards for this almond chiffon cake. Make a statement and double the recipe for extra height. (via Butterlust)

2. Apricot-Almond Coffee Cake: If you normally find that your coffee cakes are dry and crumbly, this moist apricot-almond version will pleasantly surprise you. (via Tutti Dolci)

3. Lemony Blueberry Swirl Loaf Cake: If you’re having friends over for a quick midday chat and snack, this bright blueberry loaf cake will disappear as quickly as they arrive. Serve with an extra dollop of jam for a fruity kick. (via Just Putzing)

4. Caramel Fig Chocolate Cake: Fig jam is one of the most versatile pantry staples you can buy. It can be used in savory recipes, spread on toast, or in decadent desserts, like this chocolate cake that’s dripping with caramel. (via The Little Epicurean)

5. Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake: Chocolate and raspberry are a match made in dessert heaven. There’s something about the tanginess of raspberry jam that cuts through the sweetness and richness of chocolate and leaves you wanting more. Every. Single. Time. (via Style Sweet CA)

6. Vanilla Raspberry Cake: If you only keep one jam on hand for baking, it *has* to be raspberry. No matter what cake flavor you choose, it’ll highlight and enhance it in the best way possible, as it does with this basic vanilla cake. (via The Hungry Cook)

7. Honey Cake: The best part of this sweet cake is that you can choose whatever jam you like to top it with. May we suggest mango or orange? (via One Teaspoon of Life)

8. Old-Fashioned Jam Cake: In this Southern fave, you’ll find one cup of raspberry jam and one cup of blackberry jam to make it more dense and moist than the average cake. (via Relish)

9. Raspberry Marshmallow Chocolate Layer Cake: This masterpiece is not for the faint of heart. Only a true chocoholic can appreciate the layers of chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, and chocolate ganache with raspberry jam and marshmallow fluff wedged in between. (via Sweetest Menu)

10. Orange Marmalade Cake: This gorgeous confection consists of layers of ginger liqueur-soaked vanilla cake, orange marmalade, and a smattering of orange blossom buttercream. (via The Little Epicurean)

11. Peanut Butter and Jelly Cake: Kids and adults alike will go bonkers over this lunchbox staple turned dessert. (via The Cake Blog)

12. Pretty Pink Raspberry Vanilla Mini Cakes: Even if you have no reason to make mini cakes, you can’t pass up these cuties! (via Liv for Cake)

13. One Bowl Strawberry Swirl Cake: Boxed white cake mix and strawberry jam come in clutch when you’re in a pinch. When you have company coming and nothing to serve, this simple one-bowl cake will be a life saver. (via The Salty Marshmallow)

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