When it comes to iOS browsing options, it seems like it’s been a battle of the titans between Apple’s own built-in Safari or Google’s Chrome. Sure, there are popular, lesser-known options on the market, like Opera Mini, Atomic Browser, Dolphin and more. Noticeably absent, however, has been Mozilla’s Firefox. Ever since earlier this year, however, Mozilla has actively been working to put their browser on iOS.

According to Mashable, Mozilla announced on Monday that their famous browser is one step closer to finally joining the App Store, but there’s no word yet on the official date of launch. The company first unveiled a public preview of the app on September 3 in New Zealand only.


There are some features that have made their debut on the preview version of the app that are pretty cool (and hopefully Mozilla plans on keeping for the public iteration), like Visual Tabs, which helps you easily keep track of your open tabs, and Intelligent Search, which provides you with suggestions when you’re searching. It’ll also sync all your tabs and bookmarks from your desktop browser to your devices, which is a pretty nifty feature if you’re a dedicated Firefox user.

Can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

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(h/t Mashable, photos via Mozilla)