Mrs. Fields has set out to change people鈥檚 perception of its seemingly ordinary chocolate chip cookie by making a *mega* version of it. Released this November, Mrs. Fields鈥 Mega Cookie weighs in at 5 1/2 ounces of yummy goodness, making it almost three times the size of a regular cookie from the brand. Whoa, right?

Before you let the giant cookie鈥檚 size scare you off, we鈥檙e here to tell you it鈥檚 not that intimidating. Sure, it鈥檚 the size of a small cake, but it鈥檚 totally perfect for sharing. We know because Mrs. Fields sent us a couple ahead of the surprising release, and they taste just like what you鈥檇 expect. With a super soft and chewy texture, it鈥檚 packed with lots of chocolate chips and a bold chocolate-forward flavor. It鈥檚 even tastier than the regular-sized recipe.

Mrs. Fields鈥 CEO, Dustin Lyman, explained how the dessert brand鈥檚 latest menu item differs from its standard fare in a statement, ultimately revealing the true motivation behind the extra large (literally four inches wide and 1 1/4 inches tall) take on a classic. 鈥淭he Mega Cookie is dramatically different from our other classic treats 鈥 it鈥檚 big, bold, and incredibly decadent,鈥 he said. 鈥淚t鈥檚 our 40th Anniversary and we鈥檙e celebrating the milestone with a super-sized cookie experience just in time for the holidays.鈥

Seriously, what a treat! In their press release, Mrs. Fields revealed the delectable ingredients involved in creating such a ginormous cookie. The Mega Cookie, they said, is made with real butter, brown sugar, eggs, and chocolate chips. All those base ingredients combine to form that soft, brownie-like texture we experienced firsthand. If you鈥檙e feeling eager to try the Mega Cookie right this second, it鈥檚 available at any of Mrs. Fields鈥 200 retail locations nationwide and will cost you about $4.

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(Photos via Mrs. Fields)