You’ve got your fringe ready to go, you’ve already DIY-ed a boho headwrap and you’re counting down the days until music festival season begins. But hold up: Festivals can be pretty exhausting, especially when it’s hot and you’re on your feet all day. So whether you decide to buy or DIY, don’t forget to pack one of these 20 blankets for the inevitable down time between acts.


1. Woven Stripe Beach Blanket ($39): This Navajo-inspired cotton blanket is absolutely perfect for chilling out while your favorite band plays their jams. We’re also obsessed with the neon color combo.


2. The Gypset Blanket ($108): A versatile pashmina blanket from the boho goddesses at Tiny Devotions, the Gypset Blanket can double as an oversized scarf or wrap if the night gets chilly. This blanket is perfect for the earlier spring festivals.


3. Vintage Blue Camp Blanket ($128): This one-of-a-kind blanket will go perfectly with the vintage ensemble you carefully curated to wear on the day of. Do the eco-friendly thing and upcycle.


4. Flannel Throw ($68): We dare you not to fall asleep on this extra soft cotton flannel throw from Yield Design. A little nap between sets never hurt anyone, right?


5. Kissing Rabbits Picnic Blanket ($56): With waterproof backing and handles for carrying, this picnic blanket from Anorak is the ultimate in festival convenience. And who could say no to kissing bunnies?


6. DIY Heart Blanket: The ladies at A Beautiful Mess can do it all, including making a blanket that emanates peace and love. The bold design is ridiculously easy to make. (via A Beautiful Mess)


7. Cat Cotton Blanket ($80): Cats, cats, cats. They’re everywhere, and we love it. These reversible jacquard cats are just begging to roll around in the grass, and since this blanket is machine washable, that’s not a problem.


8. Tierra Blanket Roll ($72): We basically have everything a modern Brit girl like you could want in our shop, including a few festival essentials. Plus, handmade leather straps are a must for easily carrying your blanket from stage to stage.


9. DIY Pocketed Picnic Blanket: Adding pockets to your blanket let it do double duty. First, you can stow away your shoes and rando knick-knacks. And second, stowing goodies in the pockets keeps your blanket weighed down and impervious to annoying blustery winds. (via Mr. Kate)


10. Galaxy Picnic Blanket ($180): You might feel like you’re being swallowed up by the night sky when you lay down on this extra large, 23-square-foot blanket. And since it’s quilted in three layers, you won’t have to worry about rocks or sticks poking you in the bum.


11. Sunset Beach Blanket ($46): When it’s time to head home, there’s nothing easier than just rolling your blanket up and swinging it over your shoulder. At the end of a long day, ease of use usually wins out.


12. Striped Alpaca Throw ($98): Made of prized alpaca wool, this blanket is handmade in Ecuador using ancient techniques. You might feel like South American royalty as you lounge on this luxurious throw.


13. Bonham Alpine Blanket ($50): This cotton-polyester blend blanket is perfect for festivals, camping or picnics. Complete with carrying straps and finished edges, this blanket might find its way on all your adventures.


14. Waterproof Picnic Blanket ($135): Go classic with the red gingham top or retro with the fun polka dot bottom. And you’ll never have to worry about the weather since the bottom has waterproof backing.


15. DIY Picnic Blanket: Made of a canvas drop cloth, this DIY blanket is extra sturdy. The fun, simple pattern is easy enough to duplicate, and we are totally digging the bright colors. (via Adena Leigh)


16. DIY Spotted Picnic Blanket: With just a tablecloth, paint and foam pouncers, you could have a different colored polka-dot blanket for each festival you attend. You might as well stock up; it’s gonna be a busy summer. (via Proper)


17. Grass is Greener Picnic Blanket ($45): Sometimes you just want to lounge in the grass, but grass stains and imprints on your legs are a nuisance. Get the best of both worlds with this nifty blanket from Kate Spade. Be warned: People will probably step on your blanket pretty often.


18. Quillow ($115): One-third quilt, one-third pillow and one-third bag, the “quillow” folds into itself to form two of its three uses. When the festival wraps up, you can stash all your stuff inside your blanket. How clever.


19. DIY Waterproof Blanket: While you’re busy DIY-ing a blanket, you might as well take a moment to make it waterproof. And Martha knows just the tricks to make it happen. (via Martha Stewart)


20. FP x Nipomo Blanket Roll ($78): Handmade in Mexico with shades of a summer sunset, this pick is about as perfect as festival blankets get. It’s an essential piece for any festival survival kit.

Which festivals are you most excited about this season? Let us know in the comments!