Call us nosy, but nothing piques our curiosity more than discovering what you鈥檙e toting around in that chic bucket聽bag of yours. From one gal to the next, it鈥檚 downright fascinating to realize that smart minds think alike 鈥 and more importantly, that we鈥檙e not the only ones who carry three different lip balms on any given occasion. If you too are guilty of filling your #botd (bag of the day, that is) to the brim with goodness knows what, then you鈥檙e in luck. We鈥檝e rounded up 15 of our favorite 鈥淲hat鈥檚 in My Bag鈥 posts that are already going viral.


1. The Tech Tote: Boy do we wish we were the owners of this tote filled with all sorts of cool gadgets and doodads. We spy a pack of fluorescent pencils, a two-headed dino and green suede heels鈥 how is all of that for fun? (via Aspinal of London)


2. Girl on the Go: Here鈥檚 proof that less is infinitely better than more. From a hot pink notepad to tortoise shell sunnies and a great signature lip color (or two), this blogger knows how to keep it to just the essentials. (via That鈥檚 Just Fabulous)


3. I Like Big Bags: 鈥淚 carry way too much in my tote,鈥 said no one ever. The best part about carrying a tote is rediscovering random gems that you didn鈥檛 even remember packing. Case in point: your go-to dry shampoo product and favorite jewelry pieces that somehow always have a way of going missing. (via Paper & Stitch)


4. For the Fashion Girl: Believe it or not, being a full-time fashion girl is hard work. Cue an extra pair of chunky heels, planner for agenda-making and a killer statement necklace鈥 you know, just in case. (via Gal Meets Glam)


5. Beauty Blogger-Approved: When YouTube rockstar Kandee Johnson stopped by to speak, make over and inspire at 2014鈥檚 Re:Make, she also gave us a peek at the goodies she鈥檚 always toting, including beauty essentials every girl should carry. (via Brit + Co)

6. Always Prepared: If you鈥檙e a working girl, then you know that there鈥檚 no such thing as being over prepared. Expect the unexpected and pack everything 鈥 Moleskine notebook, business cards and makeup for touch-ups 鈥 that鈥檒l take you from work to after hours with ease. (via In My Dreams)


7. Inside My NYFW Bag: Dashing from one fashion show to another means being prepared for every wardrobe conundrum or disaster under the sun. Tide to Go pen. Check. Granola bar for when you get the nibbles. Double check. (via Damsel in Dior)


8. For the Every Girl: We鈥檙e saying yes, yes, YES to everything in the Poor Little It Girl鈥檚 bag. Because why would you ever leave the house without your signature nail color of the week, a spiffy pink business card holder and sparkly hair ties? (via Poor Little It Girl)


9. Girly Essentials: A little bit of this, a little bit of that 鈥 if you ask us, Mara of M Loves M strikes the perfect balance between practical and girly. And she even manages to toss in a dark chocolate peanut butter cup in the process. #winning (via M Loves M)


10. A Beauty Bag: We鈥檙e mixing it up a bit with this one by sharing Louise Roe鈥檚 must-have NYFW beauty products. Beauty junkies know all too well the importance of always having a restorative moisturizer and long-lasting lip tint on hand. (via Front Roe)


11. Fashion Week-Ready: We should鈥檝e guessed by the Band-Aids and multiple YSL lipsticks that this must be Aimee Song鈥檚 clutch for Milan Fashion Week. Additional mentionables include a variety of dainty stackable rings, an EOS and eyeliner to master the perfect cat eye. (via Song of Style)


12. Event Planner鈥檚 Bag: A day filled with meetings calls for a bag that is expertly packed to include, quite frankly, everything 鈥 and then some. Fellow PR girls and event planners alike, take note: Some key takeaways include an iPad, fashion glossy for inspo and a measuring tape for on-site visits. (via Commerce Street Events)


13. Travel in Style: Because no one wants to be an unhappy traveler鈥 Whether you鈥檙e the type who always forgets to pack so-and-so item or you鈥檙e a chronic overpacker, allow these items to serve as the ultimate checklist the next time you鈥檙e jet setting. (via Happily Grey)


14. Tote Well: Ah, this one鈥檚 for the artsy Instagrammer / all-around creative type. Besides the aesthetically pleasing layout, the camera, minimalist business card and photo strips are perfectly on point. (via @kateprice)


15. So Clutch: It鈥檚 the quirky knick-knacks and odds and ends that make for a standout #whatsinmybag post. Included in Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess鈥檚 clutch is everything from a stray fortune to a black Sharpie to a mint tea bag. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Now it鈥檚 your turn 鈥 what do you carry in your bag? Tell us in the comments below!