Remember when MTV actually used to play music? And remember when Rolling Stone actually used to focus on music? Oh, and remember when you had that totally awesome friend named Theo who would always make you mix tapes with the best underground bands? Well, those days are gone. MTV is more into teen moms than they are up-and-coming artists. Rolling Stone has more badass, in-depth investigative articles than music. And Theo? Well, he’s married with kids and living in Michigan now. Which means your musical life is feeling a bit stale and stifled.

But that’s all going to change. Derek Shanahan is about to become your MTV, Rolling Stone and Theo all rolled into one, and you know what? He’s even better. Because he has a newsletter called musicgeeks, still in beta. Your inbox will be gifted one new song and one hilariously awesome dancing GIF nearly every loving day of the week.

Things are pretty basic over at the musicgeeks website in this early stage. You put in your email address and anxiously wait for your first email, which will come almost daily from here on out. In that newsletter, as we’ve mentioned, you’ll find a new-to-you song, a review of the artist by Derek himself and a GIF of some pop culture icon doing a little dance. Derek thinks it would be nice to look at that GIF while you listen to your new song. We agree.

So really, the only music geek in this situation is Derek, but you get to reap all the benefits of his nerd-dom just by giving him your email address.

Worried about what you’ve already missed? Don’t worry, there’s an archive for that — check it out here. And MG’s Facebook page is definitely worth taking a gander at as well.

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