Heading to the nail salon isn’t what it used to be. With next-level manicures constantly outdoing themselves, the catalog of nail design options is seriously endless. And whether you decide to rock a tribal Aztec nail or tie dye design, there’s an array of nail shapes to choose from. While you’re probably familiar with the classic almond and squoval nail shapes, Kylie Jenner-inspired designs such as the coffin nail have been sneaking into the mix thanks to Instagram. Need to update your nail game? Here are eight shapes you need to know to *nail* your look this year.

1. Almond: This sultry take on a classic shape will make your manicure stand out without being too over the top. This look is perfect for the on-the-go girl who’s ready to hit happy hour once five o’clock hits. Yes, she’ll take another round, please.

2. Squoval: The squoval (or square-oval) has a square base with a rounded edge that lends itself well to geometric designs and colorful French tips. This modern shape is edgy, yet sweet enough to rock on your next all-day adventure. Give this look a go if you’re wanting girl-next-door vibes mixed with a hint of trouble.

3. Round: This go-to shape is ideal for those of us who don’t want to get too adventurous with our style, but like to take it there with our designs. Keep it classic and laid back with solid digits, or layer on metallic stripes and a bold hue when you want to think outside the box.

4. Square: This straightforward shape is a tried and true staple and works best on gals with longer nail beds. Opt for an exaggerated French as seen above, or choose a marbled finish to add a bit of edge.

5. Coffin: This It girl-inspired mani is perfect for the girl who isn’t afraid of a little length and a bold statement. This stiletto-meets-square combo is a true conversation starter thanks to its in-your-face silhouette (you might want to exercise a little caution when these babies are near your face).

6. Stiletto: Just like the coffin shape, the stiletto style requires length and commitment. Let this straight-to-the-point design (pun intended) give your look a facelift, taking you from zero to Insta-worthy in no time flat. Make sure the edges are filed and smooth to avoid unwanted snags on your OOTD.

7. Edge: Calling all risk-takers! If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, then this sword-inspired design is for you. Its long and pointed edge is the perfect canvas for creating swoon-worthy nail art. The look is fit for your weekend shenanigans that may or may not involve a few cocktails.

8. Mountain Peak: If your nails aren’t long enough for the stiletto, the mountain peak shape is the perfect fit. With curvy edges and a pointed tip, this nail silhouette is for the chic at heart. Top it with a one-of-a-kind nail wrap or statement digit to really make these mountain nails pop.

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