Sweater nails, rainbow manicures, neon tips and negative space nails — been there, done that. As a certified #OOTD queen, you know that next-level nail art is the key to any Insta-worthy ensemble — and not to brag, but you totally, ahem, nail it every time. Always looking for the next big thing, you’re ready to move beyond glass nails, contrast tips and marbling — some of 2016’s biggest beauty trends — and straight into trailblazing territory with creative digits your crew has never seen before. Sure, they may not be DIY material (best be putting your nail salon on speed dial, ladies), but these 29 anything-but-average manis are about to send your style game into overdrive.

1. Ice Cream Cones: Consider this ice cream cone mani the cherry on top of a killer everyday ensemble. Right on cue for lazy summer days, it will rival your prized pom-pom sandals and wide-brim hat for wardrobe MVP status this season.

2. All Eyes on You: Keep your eye on the sartorial prize by working this eye-catching design into your repertoire. Beyond banishing bad vibes for good, this quirky-cool mani is guaranteed to pull in some serious style cred.

3. Swanky Snakes: Gold glitter + snakes = a fierce and flawless design you’ll want to rock STAT. Elevate the tough-girl-gone-glam vibe with a leather jacket and a handful of stacking rings.

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Paisley on my favorite peanut @palomija

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4. Bandana Digits: Neatly knotted around the neck isn’t the only way to rock this summer’s must-have style essential, the bandana. Deck out nails in black-and-white paisley print for a totally new take on the festival-ready trend. Cutoffs and ankle boots are highly recommended.

5. Donuts and Sprinkles: Donuts and sprinkles on the daily? We’re so down. Take it up a notch by personalizing with your favorite flavors — matcha or strawberry-frosted, anyone?

6. Butterfly Wings: So fly. A few flicks of a fine brush and you’ve got a rad set of butterfly wings you’ll want to flash all over town. Make ’em pop with a brightly colored blouse and playful pop art accessories.

7. Albert Ebstein Abstract Art: Consider your nails a blank canvas to display all your favorite works of art. Rotate artists on the regular to turn your tips into a full-blown gallery. (We’ll be over here swooning hardcore over this Albert Ebstein interpretation.)

8. Knitting Nails: There’s nothing else to say but nail game strong. Pint-sized knitting needles and a petite ball of yarn translate to big things for your everyday style. Consider this mani the perfect pairing for your coziest weekend duds.

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9. Hotline Bling: Your favorite song lyrics + a palette of RN nail colors is a recipe for straight-up #OOTD success. Best believe your phone will be blowin’ up when you post a pic of your latest #nailswag.

10. Very Hungry Caterpillar Nails: Bookworms, this one’s for you! Take a trip down memory lane with a mani that pays tribute to your favorite childhood reads. Could that caterpillar be any cuter?

11. Galaxy Nails: This intergalactic mani is serious #goals. The shimmery polish, twinkling stars and full moon are guaranteed to make even the most basic of basics feel out of this world.

12. Dumbledore’s Army: Harry, Hermione, Hedwig and Ron — gang’s all here. Prepare for mundane, everyday activities (like typing up memos and jotting down to-dos) to become majorly magical. Consider this the ultimate alternative to that slightly more permanent Harry Potter-inspired tat.

13. Old-School iNails: Embrace your inner nerd with a tech-centric mani that’s guaranteed to make your following geek out. Layer playful decals over a bright backdrop for maximum impact.

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14. Cool Cacti: This doubled-up design was made with the indecisive in mind. Can’t decide between a minimalist mani or funky fingertips? Rock ’em both for a one-of-a-kind look you won’t be able to stop staring at.

15. Purple Rain: Prince inspired a generation, and this mani is proof. Complete with purple rain and crying doves, it’s hands-down some of the coolest Prince tribute nail art we’ve seen kickin’ around.

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get your damn hands up 🙌🏼

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16. Neon Animal Print: Put your hands in the air! Decked out in a neon animal print, this mani was meant to be seen. Styled alongside sassy pins and badass Dr. Martens, it’s the perfect finishing touch on a not-your-average-music-fest getup.

17. Junk Food Mani: Burgers, fries and pizza pies — this junk food mani is enough to give you a serious case of the munchies. Team it up with a french fry phone case for a delicious off-duty look.

18. Women’s Health Nail Art: Stop it right now. This pretty pastel mani will make everyone do a double take. Dainty drawings of birth control — seriously — and female anatomy are surprisingly cute and 100% attention-grabbing.

19. Flamingo Mani: Weekend getaway to a balmy beach location on the agenda? Funky flamingoes, banana leaves and bright ombre detailing make the perfect partner to Insta-worthy one-pieces and fruity umbrella drinks.

20. Moon Phase Nails: The full moon might make you feel out of whack (especially when Mercury is in retrograde — womp womp), but this moon cycle mani is all about bringing the good vibes. How’s that for a totally new take on the half-moon trend?

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Left on a road trip today! ⛺️🚗

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21. Road Trip Tips: Meet the wanderlust mani you’ll want to take along on all your cross-country adventures. Just make sure you’ll all packed and ready to go before you hit up the salon — this one might take a while.

22. Comic Book Nails: Zap! Pow! This action-packed design isn’t messing around. Pair it with a power suit for that big presentation, then get ready to seize the day.

23. Google Nails: Nothing says “I love my job” quite like a killer mani, and this Google-inspired design is proof. Get it, girl!

24. Neon Paint Drip: If you can’t get enough of Skinnydip London’s pop-art panache, you’ll swoon hardcore for this mouthy, paint-drip design. Say sayonara to boring French tips, because this attitude-packed mani is where it’s at.

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🔃 White and black stripes 🔃

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25. On-the-Border Mani: A new way to do negative space nails? This trippy striped border design. Trace the outline of squoval nails with classic white (or go all-out with brights), then layer on thin stripes in a contrasting color for dramatic effect.

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Who else excited for Star Wars?

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26. Star Wars Nail Art: The force will be with you no matter what’s on the agenda when you have this epic Star Wars mani in tow.

27. Sophisticated Swans: We love a good runway-inspired manicure, and this swanky swan stunner is no different. Inspired by Stella McCartney’s Fall 2016 collection, this chic style is the secret to a runway-ready look.

28. Made-Up Nails: Let your nails in on all of your effortless beauty secrets — a bit of blush, a quick swipe of mascara and, of course, your signature lip color.

29. Milk and Cereal Mani: If you were under the impression that sugary cereals weren’t for adults, think again. Add this iconic breakfast combo to your rotation and watch as the compliments come rolling in.

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