As we hit the second month of a season that’s all about swimwear, many of us are left craving to give our beauty game some much needed love. After all, whether you’re hitting the beach, the pool or even getting ready for a river floating trip, one thing is clear: Water and makeup just don’t mix. So what’s a beauty babe left to do? Rock some killer nails (duh!). The latest nail trend to hit our feeds? Tie dye nails. Yup, you heard right. This gorgeous trend looks just like it sounds with that classic color warping design perfectly capturing those iconic hippie vibes. From throwback manis to nails that give this ’60s design an extra modern flair, scroll on and discover the must-have manicures of the summer.

1. Multi Design: While tie dye nails are sure to up the wow factor of any manicure set, you’re looking for more of a subtle style. Mix this hippie-inspired look with clean and modern designs (think: color blocking) for a more fun and updated look.

2. Charms: Bling is always better. Give your mixed colored digits an extra hit of glam by adding on the charm of your choice.

3. Multi Color: You’re too creative to stick to just one color. Give each nail a bright pop of color for a look that embraces the warmth of summer. Just remember to stay within the same set of colors to give this multi-colored mani a more put-together feel.

4. Marbled Tie Dye: Go bold or go home! Don’t be afraid to contrast color when it comes to giving your tie dye mani a more show-stopping appeal.

5. Half Moon: Who says tie dye nails can’t look polished AF (pun totally intended). Add a half-moon design to give your boho-chic manicure a more elevated appeal.

6. One Tie Dye: One nail can go a long way. Take your trending coral mani to the next level with a single tie dye digit to give this look that extra oomph.

7. Gold Overlay: Gold accents are *everything*. Up the glam factor of your already stunning nails with an overlay of gold-foil designs.

8. Warped: Summer or not, you should never shy away from embracing your dark side. Give your digits an edgier vibe with a dark and horizontal tie dye design.

9. Dark + Light: Juxtapose your soft summer colors with dark winter tones. This is a look you can sport at any season!

10. Pastel: These finger tips look as pretty as an Easter egg. Give your nails a fun, youthful aura by playing up the pastel tones.

11. Ocean-Inspired Nails: You’re all about the mermaid vibes this summer. Pair your ethereal hair and swimwear with a set of nails that match the cool blue of the ocean.

12. Lisa Frank Nails: Lisa Frank lovers, unite! Flaunt a set of these throwback nails and show the world that, to you, the ’90s never died.

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13. Colorful French Mani: Give your standard French manicure a playful refresher by swapping out the typical nude nails and white tip combo for mani that reps all the colors of the rainbow. Adding a single tie-dye digit is sure to send this already whimsical manicure over the edge!

14. Rainbow Nails: Flaunt your rainbow love 24/7 with a set of nails that embrace every color under the sun. This neon set of nails will show beach buds and on-lookers alike that you’re ready for some serious fun in the sun.

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