Oh, to have it all! After giving birth, you decided to ditch the shackles of your pre-baby cubicle and work from home. That’s right, you’re a WAHM now. That means you can stay home, taking care of your baby and working too… um, maybe not. Mommy-ing is a full-time job on its own. Add in a second full-time job (the one you actually get paid to do), and you’re a little more than double-booked. Instead of trying to work for your boss-boss and your baby-boss at the same time, check out the reasons why you need a nanny — right now!

A nanny colors with a baby and a young child

1. Cut interruptions down. Being home with baby, whether you have a nanny or not, means that you’ll experience some interruptions. It’s just what happens. Your kiddo is freaking out, they’re sick, or there’s something else going on that requires mama’s magic touch. Though you might still have a few disrupted moments with a nanny watching the baby, they will be few and far between. When the nanny is in charge, you’ll have a big ol’ block of time to devote to your paying job. That means conference calls, report writing, and anything else can go on without having to pause to change a poopy diaper.

A woman hands her baby to a nanny

2. Save on travel time. Working at home doesn’t equal going childcare-free. But ferrying your kiddo to daycare and back takes time — time you could be working. The more time you have to get your work started, the less time you’ll have to spend away from your baby. Hiring a nanny means that you don’t have to do drop-offs and pick-ups, saving you precious time. And, bonus, a full- or part-time nanny will have regular hours. That’s an advantage over opting for a once-in-a-while babysitter.

A mother gives instructions to her nanny

3. Have an easy out. Even though you work at home, you occasionally have to leave the nest. Whether it’s an impromptu meeting that needs to happen at the actual office or an overwhelming craving for a frappa-something, having a nanny around means that you can step away when you need to. And, as long as the nanny is willing to stay, you might even be able to get an errand or two checked off your list during your workday.

A mother works on her phone and computer while her nanny holds her baby in the background

4. Create boundaries. Working at home makes it oh-so-easy to let your career bleed right into the rest of your life. At the same time, being a mommy is a never-ending job that tends to reach into absolutely all of your everyday tasks. If you’re ever going to get anything done (work or home-life), you need clear boundaries. A nanny can handle the childcare while you get your work done. After you’ve handled everything that’s job-related for the day, you can wave goodbye to the nanny and get back to being a mama.

An annoyed-looking woman works at a table while her son sits next to her looking bored

5. Halfway just won’t do. It’s not easy to do two jobs at once. Scratch that — it’s almost impossible to do two jobs at once. Sure, a few WAHMs get their work done and take care of the kiddos like a champ. Yeah, those moms are total Superwomen. And they’re not the norm. A nanny takes on one of your jobs, at least for a few hours, leaving you free to do the other. Without extra help, you’ll be stuck with a mountain of partially finished work and a child who is still desperate for your attention.

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