Hello, you lovely people! Irene here, Creative Content Producer at Brit + Co. Even though I鈥檓 in my mid-twenties, working full-time, and living on my own, I still feel weird being called a grown up. In fact, I feel like I hit up my mom with life questions more than I did when I was teenager. Part of the reason is that I definitely have more responsibilities now than I did when I was 16, but the other part is that my mom is an expert at all the 鈥渁dulting鈥 stuff I鈥檓 struggling with. Anyone with me? (B+C staffers all nod 鈥測es.鈥)

Today, we鈥檙e teaming up with Studio Ink to acknowledge that no matter how old you get, you鈥檒l always need your mom. This Mother鈥檚 Day, celebrate Mom by sending her a card. Studio Ink has the best collection of funny, true, and cool cards that your mom would love. Given how moms still help us 鈥渁dults鈥 out with life stuff and probably will forever, I say they deserve it! Read on to see the top eight things you probably still go to your mom for.

1. Figuring Out Insurance Stuff:聽This one really hits home for me. Whether it鈥檚 car insurance or health insurance, there are a lot of insurance-related words I don鈥檛 understand. (Like what does FSA stand for again?) Write about how thankful you are for your mom in this perfectly floral Mother鈥檚 Day card.

2. Relationship Advice:聽There comes a time when you realize your mom was not always a mom (shocking, I know). She was also a woman who dated, married, and had kids. She might鈥檝e dated a bunch of trolls before meeting 鈥渢he one鈥 and may give great relationship advice. Although it still might be mildly horrifying to ask your mom about the guy you鈥檙e seeing, it鈥檚 probably worth it. Your mom will always be your mom, but as you get older, she can also be your friend. Send her this card to show how much you appreciate her friendship.

3. How to Make Your Favorite Family Recipe:聽One of the best things about going home is the cozy home-cooked meals. But sometimes you鈥檙e at your own apartment and you鈥檙e desperately craving a classic family dish. Thankfully, moms are always a phone call away from getting the recipe and tips on how to make it exactly right.

4. How to Get Stains Out:聽We鈥檝e all been there. You feel like such an 鈥渁dult鈥 because you start having wine with your girls at home instead of going to a bar. But then someone spills wine on the white rug and all the adultness goes away. How do you get the stain out?? Phone Mom! With some things you can research on the internet, your mom might have a more effective trick up her sleeve. Get her this card to let her know she鈥檚 the best at everything.

5. How to Deal With a Frustrating Manager or Coworker:聽Your mom is an awesome resource for career advice in ways that your friends can鈥檛 be. She鈥檚 definitely someone you can go to if you鈥檙e having trouble with your manager or with a coworker. Send her this card to remind your mom that she鈥檚 your favorite boss babe.

6. Job Interview Tips:聽If your mom is a career woman, like mine is, she will definitely have thoughts on how to positively stand out in an interview. We know we can trust her advice because she鈥檚 done it all before.

7. When You Need Help With Your Taxes:聽When picking out a gift for Mother鈥檚 Day, don鈥檛 forget that about a month ago, we all filed our taxes. Taxes are obviously not fun, and if you鈥檙e like me, you definitely called up your mom multiple times saying, 鈥淢om, I need help!鈥 And we all know that your mom isn鈥檛 just your accountant. At this point in your life, she might also be your therapist. There鈥檚 no card that sums up your mom better than this one.

8. When You Need a Good Cry:聽We don鈥檛 need to tell you that adulting is hard. It鈥檚 full of new challenges ranging from little (buying your own Netflix) to big (literally going from paying for nothing to everything). Moms are the *best* listening ears there are, and unlike your peers, they鈥檝e been through it all. Let your mom know much you appreciate her for just being there by sending them this card.

We love you, Mom!!

What other things do you still go to your mom for? Tell your mom you love her and share your photos on Instagram using #britstagram.