Daylight Savings has come and gone, and we鈥檙e all feeling that loss of an hour. Luckily, the first Monday after we set our clocks forward has been designated #NationalNappingDay. Created to help us survive the jet-lag feeling that Daylight Savings gives us, this official day can do more than simply help us through the first week post-spring forward. And while we know that lack of regular sleep can wreak havoc on our health,聽napping can help us feel stronger, better focused and more organized. Here are five awesome reasons why we should be celebrating #NationalNappingDay not just today, but every day. Whether you take a quick nap or a longer snooze, the benefits you reap will be huge.

Young African American woman asleep in bed

1. Naps help you feel more refreshed. In a UK study, it was found that a 60-minute post-lunch nap was as refreshing for your brain as an eight hour stretch of nighttime sleep. And since we doubt anyone gets their eight hours a night every night, a little snooze could be just what the doctor ordered.

2. They boost productivity. If you鈥檙e finding that you can鈥檛 get anything done at work, maybe a 30-minute power nap can help you finish that tough project or complete that daunting task. Napping can also make you more efficient overall, so regular naps can help boost your daily productivity.

3. Napping makes you happier. Do you have a reputation for being grumpy? Maybe you constantly feel like you鈥檝e woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Even a 15-minute power nap can help relieve stress and make you feel happier and more friendly. Even if you鈥檙e already happy-go-lucky, regular napping can make you that much happier.

4. A good nap reduces stress. Stress is caused by a spike in cortisol levels, and even a 15 to 20-minute nap can help drop those levels, making you feel less anxious.

5. Taking a nap helps you make fewer mistakes. Feeling like you can鈥檛 do anything right? Maybe a nap is in order.聽NASA reported that pilots who had a 40-minute nap聽increased performance聽by 35 percent and increased alertness by 100 percent.

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