It鈥檚 almost inevitable: Technology lags behind, or it slips your mind and you end up an hour late (or early) for something super important the day after Daylight Savings. But not this time. We鈥檙e sharing some of the best, prettiest and coolest ways 鈥 from super techy watches to regular ol鈥 calendars 鈥 to stay on top of time during the shift. Scroll on to take a peek!

cogito pop watch

1. Cogito Pop Watch ($130): Just download the ConnectedWatch app and stay on top of everything you need, and we mean everything. You can check calendar events, texts, emails, phone calls, camera and music controls right from your wrist.

exactly watch

2. Exactly Where You Need to Be Watch ($16): When ennui attacks, this watch is a simple and subtle reminder that everything is A-okay because you鈥檙e already exactly where you need to be.

geo apple watch band

3. Abstract Apple Watch Band ($70): Since you鈥檙e anything but basic, there鈥檚 no reason your Apple Watch band should be. The color scheme of this beautiful band gives a pop of color without overwhelming, making it the perfect addition to an all-black ensemble.

Geo grey

4. Grey Geo Pattern Watch ($39): The minimalist pattern and neutral tones of this watch make it the perfect everyday piece.

great job clear

5. You鈥檙e Doing a Great Job Watch ($16): Give yourself a little affirmation of your awesomeness every time you glance down to check the time. You deserve it.

home storage

6. Home Storage Entertainment Set ($20): If you don鈥檛 want to mess with keeping track of time, this cardboard clock is for you. Store all of your home goods incognito style with this faux entertainment set.

iphone dock

7. iPhone Dock ($35): This beautifully minimal charging stand for your iPhone saves you from all the hassles of charging your phone at night. That means no more accidental alarm shut offs, dropped cables or knocking your phone to the floor for you. Plus, it just looks good.

iron man clock

8. Iron Man Clock ($35): Analog clocks exponentially up your chances of getting through Daylight Saving in one piece. With a quick mental calculation, you鈥檙e right on time with no (sometimes) frustrating technology standing in the way. Also, Iron Man is simply the best.

leaf watch

9. Leaf Pattern Watch ($39): The best way to keep a nature lover on time has to be a leaf-patterned watch. The mossy green color is absolute perfection and the price won鈥檛 make you afraid to bring this beauty outdoors.

marble apple band

10. Marble Apple Watch Band ($70): Here鈥檚 a subtle upgrade from the monochromatic bands that Apple offers. The marble texture adds a bit of a kick to white duds.

mint watch

11. Mint Green Watch ($39): Did someone say mint green? Adorned with a band that sports our fave color, along with eye-catching watercolor patterns on the face, there isn鈥檛 a wrist in the world that this beauty wouldn鈥檛 look good on.

silk watch

12. Silk Band Watch ($49): This gorgeous watch comes with not one, but two (!) silk bands, so you can pick and choose your style of the day. Did we mention they鈥檙e handmade? Yup, you鈥檙e gonna want to get your hands on this.

time for that case

13. Ain鈥檛 Nobody Got Time for That iPhone Case ($30): Got a couple of missed meetings or appointments under your belt because of that pesky Daylight Saving? Oh well, no one really has time for that clock-changing business anyway. Let the world know how you feel with this floral iPhone case.

time is meow

14. The Time Is Meow Tee ($25): The time is always now, regardless of what the clock says. Celebrate it with this purr-fect play on words.

wall clock kit

15. Modern Wall Clock Kit ($30): If off-the-rack clocks aren鈥檛 your style, this clock kit is for you. Everything you need to make your very own DIY wall clock is included 鈥 get tickin鈥!

watermelon watch

16. Watermelon Watch ($39): Summer never dies with this fruit-faced watch. Even in the depths of winter, each time you glance at the time, you鈥檒l be hit with a wave of summertime warmth.

geo pinl

17. Geo Pattern Pink Watch ($39): If the pink-hued, geo-print band above wasn鈥檛 quite enough for you, this watch certainly is. With a face that pops with color and a band to match, you鈥檒l definitely turn heads with this bright piece.


18. Gold 17-Month Planner ($20): You can鈥檛 keep up with Daylight Saving if you don鈥檛 know when it鈥檚 happening. This shiny planner will help you stay on top of events for 17 months to come.

table clock

19. Minimalist Table Clock ($30): Mini and minimal: We love it! The glow-in-the-dark hands make it easy peasy to tell time at night.

How are you going to stay on time and in style through Daylight Saving Time? Let us know in the comments below!