Science is a wonderful thing, full of fascinating phenomena that one can get excited about at just about any age. Admittedly, its more complex concepts can sometimes be confusing, which is why we LOVED having Cosmos: A Spacetime Odysseyaround to break it all down for us.If you鈥檝e been feeling the absence of host Neil deGrasse Tyson, coolest astrophysicist around, since the FOX hit went off the air back in 2014, we鈥檝e got news, and big news at that: It鈥檚 coming BACK 鈥 again.

Based on the 1980s hit TV series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage forCosmos: A Spacetime Odysseyas hosted by Carl Sagan, the 2014 series saw Tyson teaming up with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane to breathe new life into the original to take viewers on a 60-minute journey 鈥渁cross the universe,鈥 complete with quirky special effects, a nice dose of humor, and some very special guests, including the one and only Barack Obama.

Now, four years later, a second season of the Emmy-winning series is officially in the works. Tyson, 59, announced the news himself over on Twitter, teasing, 鈥淵up. We got the band back together. Another season of Cosmos is officially real. COSMOS: Possible Worlds To air on @FOXTV and @NatGeoChannel in a year 鈥 spring 2019. Be there.鈥 Hey, you don鈥檛 have to tell us twice!

FOX also released its own teaser or, rather, what it鈥檚 calling a 鈥減ossible teaser,鈥 which only lasts 20 seconds, but is jussstttt long enough to leave you wanting more, as you catch a glimpse of Tyson riding on a seriously cool spaceship through a super brightly colored cosmos.

BRB, going to binge all 13 episodes of Season 1!

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(Photos via Jamie McCarthy/Getty)