Full STEAM ahead! Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, that is. You鈥檝e heard of STEM: This is kind of like STEM鈥檚 cooler cousin who鈥檚 totally into the artsy scene. These activities are science-y, packed with math, and completely crafty. Your mini maker can tinker, explore, and create, all while building problem-solving skills and letting their imagination go all-out wild. Whether your kiddo is already into this type of educational fun or you鈥檙e looking for a way to get them interested in any (or all) of the areas, check out these super-STEAM ideas!

1. Building Towers With Nature: Your budding engineer is totally into stacking blocks 鈥 all the time. This activity takes the whole structural thing up a notch and adds in a nature (that鈥檚 science) focus. Oh, and then there鈥檚 the fact that you鈥檙e pulling in the art of architecture too. (via Nurture Store)

2. Fizzing Rainbows: Rainbows that fizz are鈥 colorfully cool. If you鈥檙e wondering, 鈥淗ow can my child make something so colorful get so fizzy?鈥 you absolutely, positively have to try this STEAM idea. (via Schooling a Monkey)

3. Dinosaur Shadow Characters: Calling all pint-sized paleontologists! This activity is dino-myte fun. Along with the prehistoric creatures, your child is getting into science with shadow play. And this activity eventually gets artsy too. That鈥檚 right: It鈥檚 so totally STEAM, with a major A. (via Preschool Toolkit)

4. Baking Soda Painted Leaves: Chemistry, plant science, and art combine in this one awesome activity. Your little learner can explore, experiment, and make discoveries all at the same time. Sure, this one is kind of (maybe more than kind of) messy. But it鈥檚 way too cool to pass up. (via Inspiration Laboratories)

5. Making Crayons: This is heat-wave science at its best. If you鈥檙e about to ask, 鈥淲hat does the weather have to do with making crayons?鈥 just wait until you see how this activity harnesses the power of the sun to recycle your kiddo鈥檚 fave art materials. (via Mama Smiles)

6. Glue and Beads: Exploring the science of glue never looked like this before! Your child can get in some serious sensory play with this arty fave that carries a hefty dose of learning through observation. (via Preschool Toolkit)

7. Watercolor Line Art: It鈥檚 math and it鈥檚 art. Beginning artists and budding mathematicians will get in some edutainment with this crafty idea. (via School Time Snippets)

8. Sun Prints: Your pint-sized photog doesn鈥檛 need a camera during this sun-centered STEAM activity. It鈥檚 not exactly 鈥渢aking pictures.鈥 But it is a pretty cool way of exploring how light can capture an image 鈥 in a completely different way. It鈥檚 totally an old-school favorite that you might remember from your own childhood. (via There鈥檚 Just One Mommy)

9. Designing Robots: This is a math, engineering, and art activity that helps young children explore technology in a pretty down-to-earth kind of way. Yay! (via Picklebums)

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(Featured photo via School Time Snippets)