If you drop your phone a lot, then you’re probably familiar with the pang of pain you feel from seeing your phone slip out of your hands and crash onto the floor. It’s even worse when you’ve spent $40+ on a brick case and you still get a cracked screen. Jonathan Marcus, creator of Neverdrop, may have found a solution to your phone-dropping issue.

Neverdrop is a polycarbonate, hard-shelled case made by a 3D printer. The durable material of the case helps to protect your phone from everyday mishaps like bumps, drops and dings. If you were to drop your phone and it ended up landing on its face, the raised borders help to prevent a full-on screen-to-ground collision. Phew!

But Marcus’s mission for Neverdrop isn’t for your phone to withstand a fall. It’s for you to “never drop” your phone. That’s where the finger strap comes in. Each Neverdrop case comes with an elastic finger strap that is comfortable and adjustable. The strap is located on the back of the case and is totally ergonomical. It allows you to seamlessly slip your middle finger through the strap along the back in order to provide that extra security.

Marcus and his team are currently trying to fund their project on Kickstarter so that they can mass produce their cases with better quality and ultimately sell them at an affordable price. If all goes well, you can get a Neverdrop case shipped to your door by the beginning of 2015. And it will only set you back a cool $20.

Right now, the only available case models are for the iPhone 4 up to the iPhone 6 Plus, but they are in the phase of beta-testing for select Android devices. Check out their Kickstarter for more deets and to see all their pledge benefits.

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