Boy, has technology changed over the years. From dial-up Internet to the early days of search engines and now to some of the most advanced smartphones ever imagined, it’s fair to say we’re living in the digital age and it doesn’t look like this era is ending any time soon.

But have you ever really examined just how much technology is blended into every aspect of your life? It’s what you use to shop and get inspired to dress yourself each day. It’s what you use to find and make new recipes and DIY projects (hopefully on this site!). And, it can even be a substitute for your real-world personal trainer, calendar, and radio.

We are evolving and technology is evolving at the same pace, if not faster. That’s why we got so excited last week when we caught wind that Bing, one of our go-to search engines, was revealing a completely new look that resembles anything but a traditional search engine.

If you check out the new homepage, you’ll notice that there’s a whole lot more going on than just a search box. The new layout surfaces key people, places, and things and yet still maintains a beautiful, simplistic design, a new logo, and a very colorful palette (which we obviously love most!). Here’s a sample of the palette you’ll start seeing more of.

Once you do conduct a search, you’ll notice a whole lot more featured than just a list of links. Depending on your search, the right hand Snapshot of the page will change to include all kinds of results related to what you’re looking for. We sometimes find we don’t even need to jump off the page because all the answers are right there. Here’s a sample search for one of our favorite Food Network chefs, Giada. Look, we can even see her Klout score!

Additionally, you can check out the search sub-tabs to really narrow in on what you’re looking for. Bing’s Image Search tool is our favorite. Not only can you Search by Usage Rights (which is a super helpful tool if you work in any creative field or media company), but you can also do things like search for “Just Faces” if you’re looking at images of people. This obviously comes in handy when checking out our man Ryan Gosling’s latest pics. (Related: we’re holding out hope for a new feature called “Just Abs.”)

We’re especially excited to start using Bing to learn a few new cooking tricks for fall. It’s now much faster and easier to find new recipes, research ingredients, and get preparation how-tos. Check out these recipe prep tips on Bing Video Search and 5 Brunch Recipes to Impress Guests on Bing Boards. We also spent about an hour browsing through and watching all of these pumpkin pie videos that were so easy to find.

You can obviously see how these features could be useful in your life, too; whether you’re starting up a new DIY project, re-decorating your living room, or concocting a family dinner.

This whole new Bing experience is available on the web, but also through the whole suite of Microsoft family platforms, including Xbox, Windows, Office, and of course, the Windows Phone. (You Windows Phone users do have our Brit + Co. app, don’t you!?)

Our final review: we have to say, it’s really cool to see a company so focused on well-designed technology that can provide insight and utility in every aspect of your life. We’re really excited to continue to use the new Bing to guide us through our everyday lives and hope you’ll give it a shot (or a search) too.

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