The debate rages on whether listening to music makes for a productive workday or just ends up being a distraction. No matter the findings, most of us aren’t going to be giving up the tunes anytime soon — deadline or not. With that reliance on background noise during spreadsheet building and presentation creation, it’s nice to slide in some music discovery every once in a while. But these days it can feel impossible to uncover those hidden gems. The Best Song is a new app aiming to upgrade that 9 to 5 playlist while simultaneously making music discovery as easy + entertaining as it was when TRL (RIP) was still around.


The Best Song is a web, iOS and Android app acting as a music discovery platform to find the best songs hidden deep within the audio world. To uncover new jams, swipe like you would potential dates on Tinder. Just like on the dating app (and fellow music swiping app Choosic), right means you like the song and it’s added to your playlist. A swipe to the left extinguishes the song from your catalog for good.


Though the Tinder way is the most exciting way to find fresh beats, the app does provide alternate discovery methods for the swipe-averse among us. With genre filters, users can narrow down their musical options. Trust your friends when it comes to music recs? Follow ’em and turn their liked playlists into your own personal radio station.

Have no fear [insert music streaming service here] lovers, as this isn’t a competitor to your go-to jam session provider. The Best Song should be considered more of an accessory to your Spotify, Pandora, etc rather than a replacement as you can export all those liked songs to said service and then enjoy that already-paid-for premium plan ;)

Will you DL The Best Song to discover new music or do you already have an outlet for discovery? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via The Best Song)